Everyone is using mini programs, how to use mini programs?

Original title: Everyone is using mini programs, how to use mini programs?

Mini programs appear more and more frequently in people’s daily lives. More and more people use mini programs every day. How to use mini programs?

Today I will explain from two points: how individuals use mini programs on WeChat, and how companies (merchants) use mini programs.

1. How do individuals use mini programs on WeChat

There are dozens of entrances to WeChat mini programs. It is very convenient for individuals to use mini programs on WeChat. I think everyone knows how to find the entrance to mini programs on WeChat, so I won’t explain it with screenshots.

  • On the WeChat homepage, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, and then enter the name of the mini program you want to search to find and use the mini program;
  • On the WeChat homepage, click on the page and scroll down to see the recently used mini programs. Click on the icon to enter the mini program;
  • On the WeChat-Discover page, there is a “Mini Program” column at the bottom of the page. After entering, you can search for Mini Programs. There are also “Nearby Mini Programs” and “Recently Used” functions on this page;

Mini programs have been developed for more than two years. Currently, various mini program types of applications can basically be found by entering keywords in the search bar of the mini program. For example: when you go out and play, you see some plants that you don’t recognize but want to know their names and attributes. Then you can enter “identify plants” in the mini program search bar, and the corresponding mini program will be searched for. You use as shown:

Everyone is using mini programs, how to use mini programs?

To use a mini program, you can use it whenever you want and leave when you are done with it. It does not occupy the memory of your mobile phone and does not require downloading. That’s why it became popular so quickly!

2. How do enterprises (merchants) use mini programs?

If an enterprise wants to use Mini Programs, it first needs to apply for a Mini Program account. There is a direct channel to apply for a Mini Program account in the original certified public service account. Firstly, it can save the tedious process of re-entering information. Secondly, It can be opened directly without paying certification fees, and then it can be bound to its service number and related to each other.

Then we need to analyze what the company hopes to use the mini program for? Because small programs can be used for different needs. If it’s selling goods, then make a mall-type mini program; if it’s catering, then make a catering-type mini program; if it’s a hotel, make a hotel-type mini program; if it’s for promotions or attracting fans, then make it Marketing tool type mini program. Anyway, there are all kinds of them, and the biggest advantage of mini programs is that they can unleash the user’s imagination.

Everyone is using mini programs, how to use mini programs?

Then you need to customize and develop mini programs according to your needs (there are many companies on the market that develop mini programs, such as APPx Application Rubik’s Cube), or you can use the mini program templates for various industries that have been developed by third parties to directly build and publish them. , very simple and convenient. In fact, after many years of experience in this industry, it is not difficult to build or develop small programs, but the difficulty lies in operation and promotion.

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