Online consultation on mini program development, comprehensive functional analysis and case sharing

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, more and more companies and individuals have begun to pay attention to the development of online consultation mini programs. An excellent online consultation applet can not only improve the efficiency of interaction between enterprises and customers, but also bring more business value to the enterprise. So, what are the functions of online consultation applet development?

Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some functional modules and application scenarios of the online consultation applet, and share actual cases to help you better understand and use these functions.

1. Basic functional modules

1. User registration and login: Users need to register when using the mini program for the first time so that the system can record the user’s basic information. In addition, users can also use third-party accounts (such as WeChat, QQ, etc.) to quickly log in, which is convenient and fast.

2. Consulting services: The mini program provides a wealth of consulting service functions, including online text consultation, voice consultation, video consultation, etc., to meet the diverse needs of users.

3. Consultation history:Users can view their consultation history in the mini program to facilitate review and find related issues.

4. Personal information management: Users can modify personal information, such as nicknames, avatars, etc., and set privacy permissions in the mini program.

5. Message notification: When a user receives a new message or consultation, the mini program will notify the user in real time to ensure that the user does not miss any important information.

Online consultation on mini program development, comprehensive functional analysis and case sharing

6. Online customer service support:The mini program provides online customer service support function. Users can directly communicate with customer service staff in real time to solve difficult problems.

2. Advanced function module

1. Personalized recommendation: Based on the user’s consultation records and preferences, recommend relevant consulting services and experts to the user to improve the user experience.

2. Points system: Set up a points reward mechanism to encourage users to actively participate in consulting activities and increase user stickiness.

3. Coupon activities: Organize various coupon activities to attract more users to use the mini program for consultation services.

4. Data analysis: Analyze user consultation data to provide enterprises with valuable market feedback information.

5. Multi-channel promotion:Use social media, offline activities and other channels to expand the popularity and influence of the mini program.

3. Sharing of actual cases

When a well-known medical company developed an online consultation applet, in addition to the basic functional modules, it also added the following advanced functions:

1. Professional team support:Invite industry experts to the platform to provide users with professional consulting services.

2. Health information: Push medical knowledge, health and wellness and other content to improve users’ health literacy.

3. Appointment registration:Users can make an appointment with a doctor through the mini program, saving time and energy.

4. Electronic medical record management:Users can view and edit their own electronic medical records in the mini program, making it easier to carry and refer to them when seeking medical treatment.

Through the application of the above functional modules, the medical company’s online consultation applet has achieved good market results and attracted a large number of users’ attention and use. At the same time, the mini program also brings significant business value to the enterprise and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The development of online consultation mini programs has rich functional modules and complete application scenarios, which can bring a lot of convenience and value to enterprises and users. During the development process, enterprises should flexibly use various functional modules according to their own needs and characteristics to create unique online consultation mini programs.

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