Look at mini program development from the user’s perspective

Original title: Look at mini program development from the user’s perspective

After the mini program was launched, we discovered a major highlight, that is, the APP needs to be downloaded, while the mini program needs to be loaded. Just open it and wait for loading. It has the feature of being used and gone. Because of this, we can see the advantages and disadvantages. , the APP can be saved to your phone after downloading, and it may even send push messages from time to time. However, the mini program will be used immediately after use. It is very likely that you will not use it the second time after using it for the first time. Therefore, we improve the user experience. It is very important for users to remember mini programs.

Look at mini program development from the user's perspective

As a novel function, mini programs have been developed by many merchants and enterprises in order to expand channels. Therefore, mini programs are related to marketing to a certain extent. When we operate mini programs, we need to know the potential users of mini programs. What are some? It would be better to do this kind of work before developing small programs. For example, if we launch a new shoe for the elderly, the potential users of this shoe for the elderly can be targeted at the elderly, groups with elderly people at home, etc., and then According to the user’s usage scenarios, we should make good products, strategies, etc., so as to effectively retain users.

The first impression is very important for interactions between people, and the same is true for small programs or apps. User experience is one of the factors that determine whether users will use it again. According to statistics, the number of WeChat users has reached 900 million. The reason is also inseparable from the simplicity of WeChat’s interface. In addition, WeChat does not have too many advertisements, is very smooth to use, and gives people a particularly good feeling of use. Therefore, it is loved by users. The same should be said for the development of WeChat mini programs. Only by reducing investment in advertising and designing a layout with personality and characteristics can we attract users.

It is very important to operate WeChat mini programs well. What problems do users need to solve with mini programs? We need to think from other people’s perspective. This is an issue that needs to be considered at all times in the early, middle and late stages. If a mini program is not even satisfactory to the developers , then the user group it faces is very small.

After the mini program is developed, if you want more users to use it, you should not only consider the function development of the mini program. For the same product, some customers will operate it well and have more users; while some users are in a free-stocking attitude and are not interested in the mini program. If the operation is ignored, there will naturally not be many users.

Therefore, after everyone develops the mini program, they need to operate the mini program. Merchants can independently set up some coupons and membership cards through the mini program backend for users to collect, and then attract users to consume. In addition, merchants can also set up a point-earning mode for consumption, allowing users to accumulate points, obtain redemption rights, redeem goods in mini programs, or deduct cash. Of course, merchants can also attract users’ attention by publishing activities, so that mini programs can be used multiple times and increase consumption rates.

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