Mini Program Development Company: Insurance Mini Program Development, Function List

With the popularity of mobile Internet, more and more people are beginning to use mobile phones for various operations, including purchasing insurance. In order to facilitate users, insurance companies have launched their own insurance mini-programs. So, what are the functions of insurance applet development?

Professional Mini program development company Lanchang InformationTechnology will introduce to you some specific functions of insurance applet development.

1. Online consultation

Users can consult customer service online through the insurance applet on insurance products, premiums, claims and other issues. This can not only improve the user’s purchasing experience, but also allow insurance companies to better understand user needs and provide users with more precise services.

2. Intelligent recommendation

Based on the user’s personal information and behavioral data, the insurance applet can intelligently recommend insurance products suitable for the user. In this way, users can be more convenient and efficient when choosing insurance, and it can also reduce the operating costs of insurance companies.

Mini Program Development Company: Insurance Mini Program Development, Function List

3. Quick purchase

The insurance applet allows users to quickly complete the purchase process of insurance products without jumping to other pages. Users can directly fill in information, pay premiums, confirm purchases and other operations within the mini program, which greatly improves purchasing efficiency.

4. Policy Management

The insurance applet can help users manage their insurance policies conveniently. Users can view and modify policy information in the mini program, and understand the policy status, coverage, etc. In addition, you can also apply for policy renewal, claims and other services online.

5. Health Assessment

Some insurance mini-programs also provide health assessment functions to help users understand their physical conditions through questions and answers, tests, etc., so as to recommend more suitable insurance products to users.

6. Customer Service

In addition to the above functions, the insurance applet also provides customer service functions. Users can submit complaints, suggestions and other information within the mini program, and the insurance company will handle it and respond in a timely manner. This helps increase user satisfaction and loyalty.

Insurance mini programs are developed with multiple functions such as online consultation, intelligent recommendations, quick purchases, policy management, health assessment, and customer service. These functions not only provide users with convenient services, but also help insurance companies better understand market demand and improve operational efficiency and profitability. Therefore, it is very necessary for insurance companies to develop a fully functional insurance applet.

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