Analysis of functional solutions for shared power bank applet development

It is estimated that many people have used shared power banks. The emergence of shared power banks also caters to the charging needs of people who often use smartphones. The shared power bank applet is developed and used in conjunction with offline shared power bank hardware devices. People can easily borrow shared power banks through the mobile phone applet.

Analysis of functional solutions for shared power bank applet development
Mini program development

1. What needs can be solved by the development of shared power bank applet?

Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential tool for people’s daily use. Nowadays, shopping for goods, mobile payment or making appointments for some things can be done directly through it. Mobile phones are what people often use nowadays. When a mobile phone is used for a long time, the power is lost and it needs to be charged, but it is also troublesome to bring a charging device. If devices like shared power banks appear, people can directly rent shared power banks online through the software device through the shared power bank applet.

In fact, devices like shared power bank can be often seen in current movie theaters, various exhibition halls, museums, transportation hubs or public areas of some amusement parks, so the application of the current shared power bank applet The level is still relatively large.

2. Analysis of functional solutions for shared power bank applet development

1. Scan the QR code to rent and use: Users can follow the mini program through their mobile phone or scan the QR code, and then scan the QR code to rent the shared rental equipment online and directly borrow the shared power bank for use.

2. Online return function: Return the used power bank directly to the original rental place, and the system will automatically settle the fee and pop up the payment information.

3. Online payment function: After using the shared equipment and returning it to the system for billing, you can pay directly through online payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat payment, and WeChat mini program online payment.

4. LBS positioning function: That is, the shared power bank can be used through the LBS positioning function, and the location of the shared power bank can be found online.

The development of shared devices is very important in the market and business methods. Lightweight shared devices such as shared power banks can bring convenience to users to a certain extent.

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