How about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app?

Original title: How about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app?

Nowadays, the pace of our lives is getting faster and faster. Many people have almost no time to buy food offline, so many people choose to buy food online. The purpose of developing and customizing the food shopping app is to solve the problem of users buying food online. Such needs.

So what about developing and customizing a grocery shopping app?

Here the editor will give you a brief analysis.

How about developing and customizing an original grocery shopping app?

Develop customized functions for grocery shopping app

1. Dishes are classified into various categories, including fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and shrimp, soy products, seasonings, etc. Users can choose to purchase according to the categories.

2. Limited-time sales, merchants conduct activities every day, and different products are sold every day in the limited-time sales. Once the time is up, users will not be able to purchase.

3. If you like it, the system recommends relevant dishes to users based on their searches and previous purchases to increase their purchase rate.

4. Special promotions. Merchants set daily product specials. Users can enjoy different product specials every day, but the quantity is limited and supplies last.

5. Personal center, where users can view their own coupons, their own orders, shipping addresses, feedback settings and other related information.

Advantages of developing and customizing grocery shopping app

1. Help companies increase sales and use various preferential activities of mini programs to increase dish sales and obtain more profits.

2. Drain traffic from offline stores. Merchants can use mini programs to divert traffic online to offline stores to acquire more new customers.

3. Improve the visibility of the business. The more people use the mini program, the visibility of the company will gradually increase.

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