Live broadcast mini program development: What are the advantages of brand mini program + live broadcast function?

How does a brand do mini program live broadcast?

The number of monthly active users of WeChat reaches 1.2025 billion, and the number of daily active users of mini programs exceeds 400 million. Mini programs have a certain user traffic base

From the live broadcast behavior and data analysis of Perfect Diary, Inman Weidian, and Ctrip, these three brands have a certain amount of traffic, and they are mainly consumers who actively follow the brands. Therefore, the live broadcast effect will definitely not be bad. It can be seen that mini programs are of significant help to brand marketing.

The professional Live broadcast mini program development company New Mileage Technology will talk to you about the development of live broadcast mini program: What are the advantages of brand mini program + live broadcast function?

Live Mini Program Development
Live Broadcast Mini Program Development

Mini program live broadcast drives brand marketing

Mini programs use live broadcasts and videos to help brands activate and awaken fans’ attention, attracting and triggering users to behave towards the brand, such as entering the brand’s live broadcast room to browse, watching new product displays, etc. At the same time, in the live broadcast room, brands can increase user interaction and improve user stickiness through information sharing, live broadcast forwarding, etc. Because the mini program is based on WeChat, it has its own social fission attributes. Through live broadcast fission, it can attract more brand fans in exchange for higher exposure.

Mini program live broadcast helps brands build private traffic

Private traffic is a battleground for major e-commerce companies, and mini program live broadcast is a natural position for brands to build private traffic pools. However, mini program live broadcast is different from other live broadcast platforms that aim at short-term monetization. Brands are more interested in hoping Precipitate customers, maintain customers, and ultimately convert them into private domain traffic for the brand

Mini program live broadcast creates a closed loop of traffic

Brands can use WeChat, a public domain traffic pool, to divert traffic to their own private domain traffic pool, and rely on WeChat’s powerful ecological chain, from official account tweets, mini programs, to Moments, communities, and finally other WeChat channels. Advertisements, such as embedding live broadcast soft articles, circle of friends ads, bottom ads of public accounts, etc. on big V official accounts, then to the live broadcast room, and finally directing the traffic from the live broadcast room to the brand community to provide secondary traffic for the brand live broadcast and create a closed loop of traffic.

Summary: As more and more consumers and brands flock to the marketing platform of live broadcast, the live broadcast industry has become increasingly standardized after several months of rapid development. Mini program live broadcast has innate traffic advantages and private domain traffic conversion advantages. If combined with high-quality live broadcast content, it may become the next trend of live broadcast and meet the brand’s long-term plan, from chasing traffic to operating private domain traffic.

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