Analysis of the advantages of self-built mini programs

Original title: Analysis of the advantages of self-built mini programs in mini program development

In the mini program development industry, faced with the pressure of third-party platform charging points, many merchants are now trying to use self-built mini programs or use WeChat mini programs to complete orders. Analysis of the advantages of self-built mini programs in such mini program development What is the choice?

The editor will take you to analyze it~

First, self-built platforms allow consumers to learn about companies through online channels, thereby reducing incomplete information.

Analysis of the advantages of self-built mini programs in mini program development

Compared with third-party platforms, the advantage of self-built mini programs is that it has the same effect of attracting offline users to online as third-party platforms and using online to drive offline traffic. The most attractive point is that small programs Program K development does not require downloading the APP, no need to pay attention, and you can consume or achieve your own goals by scanning the code. For today’s fast-paced lifestyle, this is indeed a better way for businesses and users to interact and experience and is better than traditional advertising leaflets.

For example, in the development of mini programs in the catering industry, more complete mini programs will use existing public accounts to send catering articles for promotion to increase users’ consumption stickiness. Many fans of the WeChat official account are potential consumers. Through the official account, merchants can clearly understand the needs of consumer groups, which facilitates merchants to improve services and pricing. Small takeaway merchants are free to stand on their own on their own mini program platform and do not need to have profits extracted by third-party platforms. Merchants can use part of the platform fee savings to reduce selling prices. This not only reduces costs, but also helps increase user order rates. The consumers attracted by mini programs are all their own customers. There is no need to worry about customers being attracted and lost by other merchants of the same type on third-party platforms, which is conducive to the profits of small and medium-sized merchants.

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