How much does it cost to develop a mini program in Shanghai?

Original title: [Xiaopao] How much does it cost to develop a mini program in Guangzhou?

Shanghai has high-quality talents and superior resources, so you can feel more confident when choosing a Guangzhou mini program development company for mini program development . So, Shanghai mini program developmentHow much does it cost?

[Xiaopao] How much does it cost to develop a mini program in Guangzhou?

Actually,< span style="font-size: 16px;">The price issue of small program development, it can be said to be a cliché, but there are still many friends who are not clear about small program developmentPriceYesHow to evaluateYes, Xiaopao Technology is here to make a simpleIntroduction.

As we all know, small program development The price is mainly related to the functional requirements of mini program development and the method of mini program development. Of course, since Shanghai, as a first-tier city, has a relatively high consumption level, the price of small program development will be slightly higher than that of second-tier and third-tier cities, but the quality and service are excellent, as long as you find a regular and professional oneSoftwareDevelopment company.

How to evaluate how much it will cost to develop a small program from the perspective of requirements and development methods?

In fact, we often hear customers asking about small program developmentThe budget5~8Is ten thousand yuan expensive? Questions such as how much is a good deal cannot be generalized. After all, if you don’t understand the functional requirements and development methods, just ask directly =”font-size: 16px;”>Quotations are unrealistic. Professional small program development companies will have professional project managers to guide customers to sort out functional requirements before evaluating quotations, and thenProceedevaluate the quote.

[Xiaopao] How much does it cost to develop a mini program in Guangzhou?

So, The quotation for small program development is not You can’t just look at a price, but should match specific functions and development methods. Otherwiseafter consultinga small program template with only basic mall functions only needs< /span>Thousands of dollars per yearyearAfter,thenI heard that it takeshow much “>Of course, 10,000 yuan seems very expensive, but everyone knows that the small program malls made by others have many functions, such as group buying, bargaining, distribution, etc., and they are custom-developed.Also source codedelivered, it can be said that withonly the basics Functional templatesThe annual charges are quite different.

So, Shanghai small program development The question of how much it will cost requires a detailed analysis of the specific issues, and a comprehensive evaluation of the small program development functions and development methods. Generally speaking, the price of custom development of mini programs starts at 30,000 yuan, based on the functional requirements assessment. After the mini program development is completed, the source code is delivered, developed once and used for life; while the price of mini program mall templates ranges from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. It can vary from one year to another, and will be evaluated based on functional requirements.

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