Seize new opportunities in the development of agricultural mini programs

Original title: Developing agricultural mini-programs to seize new opportunities in the development of agricultural mini-programs

Modern technology is constantly developing, and agriculture should also seize the excellent opportunity of the explosion of small programs. With the 1 billion traffic behind WeChat mini-programs, agricultural products can effectively expand sales.

Mini program development is an excellent choice nowadays that can help farmers increase sales of agricultural products. Today, Xiao Aojing will take you through the functions and uses of developing agricultural applets.

What are the uses of developing agricultural mini programs?

After the customization and development of modern agriculture mini-programs are implemented, users can use WeChat mini-programs to directly choose their favorite agricultural products from farmers, eliminating the need for wholesalers in the middle. Growers can use modern agriculture WeChat mini-programs to expand their industries. market and earn more return on investment.

Develop agricultural mini programs to seize new opportunities for the development of agricultural mini programs

1. What kind of services can agricultural mini programs provide?

1. Information collection: Agriculture is not just about facing the loess, but also needs to grasp the latest agricultural information in real time to effectively maximize agricultural value.

2. Sales channels: The sales channels corresponding to traditional agricultural products are relatively single, which seriously reduces the corresponding income; developing small programs can effectively open up new sales channels.

3. Reduce links: Users can directly obtain the services they want through mini programs, effectively reducing unnecessary links in traditional services and improving service acquisition efficiency.

4. Online communication: Farmers can communicate directly online through mini programs, effectively improving agricultural communication and changing related problems caused by insufficient experience in traditional agriculture.

Develop agricultural mini programs to seize new opportunities for the development of agricultural mini programs

2. What are the functions of the agricultural mini program?

1. Weather conditions: For agriculture, weather is a critical and important factor.

Through the mini program, you can learn about weather changes in advance so that you can be better prepared in advance.

2. Online mall: Provides users with a new channel for purchasing agricultural products, and provides farmers with a new channel for selling agricultural products. Effectively implement disintermediation.

3. Points Mall: When users consume in mini programs, corresponding points will be generated.

The role of developing a points mall is to retain users to the maximum extent and enhance user activity.

4. Product search: If users want to quickly find the agricultural products they want to buy, they can quickly obtain specified products directly through product search.

5. Product order: After the user completes the payment page, the system will automatically generate the corresponding order. The user can check the order information anytime and anywhere to ensure the value of its service.

6. Product push: In order to more comprehensively meet users’ needs for agricultural products and effectively increase the sales of agricultural products, the mini program will automatically push relevant agricultural products to users.

Develop agricultural mini programs to seize new opportunities for the development of agricultural mini programs

At this stage, many auxiliary agricultural products are making good use of agricultural mini-programs, using mini-programs to lay out online and offline markets to improve their operating efficiency and customer expansion capabilities. In this way, you can obtain more traffic dividends, explore more stock and value, and create exclusive mini programs for you to meet your industry’s needs for mini programs. The mini program we developed has stable functions and simple operation, and can meet all aspects of your WeChat mini program needs!

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