Which industries are the reservation app suitable for: Hotel, housekeeping, and catering reservation app development

Which industries are suitable for appointment mini programs

With the rise of mobile social e-commerce, more and more industries have begun to transform online, among which appointment mini program development has been favored by many traditional industries. Activating the appointment function can not only lock in customers in advance and reduce the time customers spend queuing, but also facilitate merchants to reasonably arrange the work of the day, providing convenience for both parties. It also strengthens the spirit of contract between the two parties and reduces the possibility of customer loss.

Today, New Mileage Technology is here to talk to you about which industries the appointment mini program is suitable for?

Appointment Mini Program Development
Appointment Mini Program Development

Hotel Industry Reservation Mini Program Development

Accommodation is one of the most important issues when traveling. The hotel mini program has opened a reservation function, which allows customers to freely choose room packages on the mini program and reserve a check-in time freely, thus avoiding the problem of room shortage that cannot be dealt with in time. Moreover, by reserving a room in advance, customers can check in quickly and save themselves the trouble of finding a room. Customers and hotels can coordinate with each other to flexibly adjust their itineraries to improve the overall housing experience.

Development of appointment mini-program for housekeeping industry

The housekeeping industry has gradually emerged with the development of society. Many housekeeping companies’ mini programs have also launched appointment services. Customers can learn about each housekeeper’s information online and choose to make an appointment online, which is easy and fast. Merchants can also make an appointment online. Publish the reservation status of housekeeping staff to prevent different customers from booking the same housekeeping staff at the same time.

Development of reservation mini program for catering industry

Catering is essential in daily life and occupies an important position. Every time it’s meal time, there are long queues at the entrances of various restaurants. Long waits will tire customers and lead to customer churn. If the catering mini program has a reservation function, customers can make reservations in advance in the mini program to stagger meals and reduce waiting time in line. Merchants can also check reservation status through the backend and plan dining arrangements in advance. The “Smart Catering” special product of Geek Mini Program not only includes the reservation function, but also provides one-click store calling, ordering, takeout and other services. One platform can handle an industry.

Other industry application scenarios of the appointment mini program

The appointment function is not only applicable to the above three industries of hotel, housekeeping, and catering, but can also be connected to the beauty industry, automobile, decoration, physical therapy and other industries, making traditional industry operations more intelligent and flexible. Next, let me summarize the advantages of the “appointment” function.

New Mileage Reservation Mini Program Development Solution Introduction:

Online booking system

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