What needs can be met by developing small programs in the hotel industry?

Nowadays, people basically choose to stay in hotels when traveling. The market demand in the hotel industry is becoming more and more full. With the rapid development of mini programs, many hotel merchants have begun to develop mini programs for online marketing. So the development of the hotel industry What needs can mini programs meet?

What needs can be met by developing small programs in the hotel industry?
Hotel applet development

1. Invoice reservation requirements

Compared to the past, users had to input their tax stamps on their mobile phones to obtain the tax stamps, and then it would take a long time to get the tax stamps at the front desk. The overall hotel experience for users was very poor. However, the merchant application applet allows users to instantly check in at the hotel. You can obtain tax stamps on WeChat and book a time to collect tax stamps, which reduces the time users wait to receive tax stamps and improves the user experience when staying in the hotel.

2. User consultation needs

For any industry now, only by answering users’ doubts can users choose to purchase your products. Therefore, for the hotel service industry, the “consultation” demand is the first priority. Merchants can set up online customer service and customer service phone numbers on the mini program. It is convenient for users to communicate directly to solve their doubts and choose your hotel to stay.

3. Online navigation needs

Although many apps now have map navigation functions, if the hotel’s mini program has map navigation functions, it will be more convenient for users to use, and there is no need to exit and open other application map navigation apps to find the hotel location, allowing users to experience Feeling improved.

4. Hotel booking requirements

When a merchant develops a hotel mini program, it is one of the more basic functions to set up a hotel reservation function. Then users can choose hotel holidays and accommodation dates according to their own needs on the mini program. This is convenient for users and prevents merchants from losing users due to full hotel rooms.

5. Highlight unique needs

The hotel mini program can highlight the characteristics of the hotel and attract users to browse the merchant’s hotel mini program, thereby increasing the merchant’s hotel’s popularity and establishing a brand mini program image so that more users can choose your hotel to stay.

6. Marketing activity needs

Merchants can use mini programs to provide hotel discounts, so that users are more willing to use your mini programs to check in to hotels. People like discounts and are practical. If a merchant can provide discounts and good hotel check-in services, I believe they will be very willing to choose mini programs. At the same time, merchants can also provide convenient services such as ordering food, spa treatments, and purchasing daily utensils in the mini program to encourage users to spend money in your hotel, which can also increase user satisfaction with the hotel.

To sum up, in today’s digital era, the development trend of online mini programs is becoming more and more obvious, and the function that does not require downloading and installation is becoming more and more popular among the public. Whether it is the hotel industry or other industries, you can try to develop one WeChat applet for empowerment.

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