What basic functions should a WeChat developed voting system have?

[WeChat public account development] The basic functions that WeChat voting system development should have!

I believe everyone has participated in WeChat voting, either voting for friends or participating in it yourself. What basic functions should the WeChat voting system development have?

What basic functions should a WeChat developed voting system have?
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1. Obtain basic user information. After a customer logs in with WeChat authorization, the voting system background can obtain the customer’s basic user information, such as: WeChat avatar, WeChat name, WeChat gender, etc.

2. Data upload function. If you choose to participate, you can upload the corresponding data and write a title introduction. A more complete picture of the players participating.

3. WeChat public account traffic drainage function. Only after following the WeChat public account can you vote for the contestants, which can better attract traffic to the WeChat public account. However, some users find it troublesome or dislike this function if they follow public accounts. You can use it according to the situation.

4. The function to prevent ticket brushing prevents the phenomenon of ticket brushing and avoids affecting the fairness and impartiality of the event.

5. The data statistics calculation function can automatically list the player rankings and how many votes each player received in total.

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