Introduction to basic functions of smart watch APP development

With the continuous development of the mobile Internet, there are more and more smart watches. The watches can not only tell the time, but can also connect to mobile phones, measure heart rate, exercise recording and other related functions. So what are the basic functions of developing smart watch APP?

Introduction to basic functions of smart watch APP development
Smart watch APP

Here the editor will give you a brief summary.

1. Connect to the mobile phone. The smart watch connects to the mobile phone APP via Bluetooth, and then the relevant information can be modified through the mobile phone.

2. Message notifications. The watch can receive message notifications from WeChat, SMS, QQ and other application apps. You only need to turn on the message notifications.

3. Heart rate test. You can view the watch’s heart rate test related information, average heart rate, heart rate range, health guide, etc. on the mobile APP.

4. Blood oxygen detection. You can also check your average blood oxygen, blood oxygen range, and related health guidelines on the mobile APP.

5. Exercise records, such as how many steps you took today, how many kilometers are equivalent to it, how many calories you burned, you can record running, walking, cycling and other sports.

6. To set an alarm clock, you need to set an alarm clock for the smart watch on the mobile APP. Then when the time is up, the watch will vibrate, or Didi will send out a reminder button to turn it off.

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