What are the main functions of online medical applet development?

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, it is no longer difficult to develop a small program. More and more industries have begun to actively develop small program software, and the same is true for the medical industry.

The development of online medical mini-programs allows users to make online appointments and make payments through mobile mini-programs, which is convenient and fast.

Professional Shanghai Mini Program Development Company Lan Chang Information Technology will talk to you: the main aspects of online medical mini program development What are the functions?

Medical Industry Mini Program Development
Medical Industry Mini Program Development

What are the basic skills for developing online medical mini programs?

1. Online registration:

The medical applet provides an online registration function, which eliminates the trouble of traditional offline registration, saves users registration time, and is very convenient.

2. Electronic medical records:

Most traditional medical records are paper-based and are easily lost. Online medical applets provide electronic medical record functions, and users can view specific medical record information through their mobile phones.

3. Online payment:

The medical applet supports online payment, and users can pay through Alipay or WeChat wallet, saving the trouble of offline recharge.

4. Online consultation:

For the convenience of users, the medical mini program provides an online consultation function. Users can communicate with doctors online through the mini program, saving personal offline time for medical treatment.

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