How to create a beauty salon appointment app?

Original title: Mini program development, how to create a beauty salon appointment mini program?

The rise of mini programs in the beauty and hairdressing industry is a microcosm of the rapid development of the Internet. Due to increasingly fierce competition, many businesses have begun to use mini programs for online sales in order to retain more customers. Through the development of beauty and hairdressing mini programs, merchants can provide users with more convenient and personalized services, bringing new marketing management models and new development space to merchants in the industry.

The beauty and hairdressing industry is becoming more and more popular among merchants, but a large number of merchants do not know how to create a beauty and hairdressing mini program. First, we need to find a third-party SaaS platform production tool, and then we can build the mini program. Let’s take Deyou store as an example to explain the specific process to you.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?

1. Register a mini program account and authenticate

2. Create a store

After entering the store, find the theme style in the store, select the industry template you like and suitable for, and then apply it with one click to personalize the banner, carousel, shortcut icon, appointment page, etc. in the store.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?

3. Build a store

After entering the store, you can add products and store items. Not only can third-party one-click capture be performed, but standard libraries can also be added to meet the various needs of users.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?

4. How to create an appointment?

Find the form in the content, then create a reservation form, and edit the form information according to your store conditions.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?

5. Marketing Tools

Merchants can set up corresponding marketing tools according to their own store conditions, such as flash sales, group buying, coupons, etc.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?

6. Release mini programs

After building the store, you can click publish. After publishing, wait for review, which takes about 1-3 days.

7. Set up and configure WeChat payment

If you want to officially go online, you also need to carry out WeChat payment and configuration. If you already have a WeChat payment merchant account, you can directly follow the process to configure it. The process is relatively cumbersome. It is recommended to find professionals for guidance. In addition, you can also directly go through You must have a store agent to apply and configure. The process is relatively simple and you can get lower transaction rates.

After the configuration is completed, you can go online directly after passing the review.

Mini program development, how to make a beauty salon appointment mini program?Get Customer cases in the store industry are prohibited from reprinting

Merchants use third-party production tools to build mini programs, which can comprehensively display the qualifications, service features and content of the store, allowing users to understand the brand more intuitively. In addition, merchants can also directly reserve time and service content online. For charging items, users can pay directly online, and merchants can write off offline. At the same time, you can also use a series of marketing methods in the system to effectively improve the service conversion rate, such as member stored value rights, points redemption mall, flash sale promotions, etc., which are all very effective.

The production process of small programs in the beauty and hairdressing industry is actually very simple. The main thing is to pay attention to the refined operation in the later stage. The small program only provides an online platform for the store. Whether it can effectively achieve the effect depends on the later operation of the store.

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