Develop catering mini-programs to break through the traditional operating model

Developing catering mini-programs breaks through the traditional operating model

In the past two years, it can be said that the development of catering mini-programs has been at a “high” level. Mini-programs can help merchants in the catering industry break down various “barriers” established under the traditional takeout platform operating model. As long as catering Merchants can build their own private traffic and operating models based on WeChat mini programs. So, can takeout and catering mini programs change the traditional operating model? The following can be analyzed in detail from the perspective of various needs in the catering industry.

Develop catering mini-programs to break through the traditional operating model
Small catering development

During peak eating periods, service is not attentive: For the common catering industry, take a hot pot restaurant as an example. Customer flow is often concentrated in the evening, so during this period, the waiters will be overwhelmed by the number of customers who need to serve. , instead of providing all-in-one services, many customers are even required to queue up and wait for meals, which relatively results in a certain customer churn rate. However, the ordering and takeout mini program directly allows customers to make online reservations and The online ordering function improves users’ dining experience. Guests only need to place orders and purchase on their own.

High service costs and low operating efficiency: Traditional offline restaurants generally need to recruit a lot of service staff, but the service costs are often high and the operating efficiency is low. Merchants can use the catering app to compare the original traditional operating models. The tedious processes can be simplified one by one, and the labor cost can be reduced. There is no need to recruit a lot of waiters in the restaurant to meet the dining needs of customers, and the operational efficiency is accordingly improved.

Middleman fees and high platform commissions: In the traditional catering operation model, there is still a disadvantage that a takeout platform needs to invest commissions. Obviously, the current user dining behavior will be more inclined to “order takeout” and this type of user group cannot be abandoned. However, for For many small and medium-sized catering businesses, they can establish a one-stop service system for dine-in and take-out with the help of catering app, which also saves the middleman fees required in other take-out platforms and increases take-out revenue.

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