What are the common functions of parent-child education mini program development?

Professional Shanghai Mini Program Development Company Lan Chang Information Technology Let’s talk to you about the common functions of parent-child education app development
Parent-child education applet development
Parent-child education applet development

1. Targeted education

Parents choose education methods in a targeted manner based on the characteristics of their children. If the child lacks vocabulary, it can be increased by telling stories; if the child is not sensitive to numbers, it can be improved by doing crossword puzzles, etc. Users can also enter age, gender, future expectations and other data in the APP. The parent-child education APP can provide users with targeted and customized parent-child education and growth plans.

2. Special training

Based on the different characteristics of different children, we provide different targeted solutions, such as unilaterally strengthening the abilities of mathematics, Chinese, and English. There are challenging trainings of different levels of difficulty at different stages and ages.

3. Growth Notes

Record every detail of the child’s changes, growth, and joy, and record the wonderful moments between the child and his parents.

4. Experience sharing

Experts share successful experience in parent-child education

5. Parent-child forum

Parents of children discuss their children’s growth together.

6. Parent-child activities

By integrating multi-intelligent and characteristic open activity courses into parent-child activities provided by merchants, we can further improve the scientific and practical nature of parent-child activities, thereby enhancing user participation.

The parent-child education industry has good development prospects. First of all, parents are paying more and more attention to the cultivation of their children’s education and are willing to spend money on their children. Moreover, parents are not limited to investing in traditional teaching for their children, but to develop their children comprehensively. Go up and cultivate. The parent-child education market is particularly large, and the development of parent-child education applets is also currently in hot demand.

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