What are the business models for real estate mini program development?

Original title: What are the business models for real estate mini program development?

House purchase is a very important event in life for Chinese people. It basically takes up half of the hard-earned money of most people in it. However, the existing method of house purchase is still to buy second-hand houses and new houses. In this kind of Under a specific market economy, the market prospects of real estate companies will not be greatly affected for the time being. With Huashang, let’s talk about what business models there are for the development of real estate mini programs?

What are the business models for real estate mini program development?

1. Product services: With the help of the mini program to provide business services such as house purchase and rental, it can realize one-on-one consultation mode for multiple customers, realize the seamless integration of online and offline, and enable business sales to be restored through the mini program. The business model that has achieved growth has changed the business shortcomings of traditional real estate promotion only offline.

2. Content fans: The link jump between mini programs and official accounts can allow the real estate business model to be innovated and expanded again. It is not just about achieving business growth through mini programs. In the current environment, “new media” is in dire straits. Feng Sheng can quickly absorb a wave of precise fans and users, thereby discovering potential customers and realizing a business model of content monetization.

3. Distribution fission: When developing mini programs, you can also choose a business model that can achieve distribution fission. Adhering to WeChat’s advantages of user traffic and social forwarding, real estate companies can formulate a reasonable commission distribution system to allow customers to actively participate in the distribution model. , to achieve a wider range of business growth models.

4. Various marketing: In traditional real estate promotion activities, it often takes time and money, but the conversion effect may not be so satisfactory. However, the existing mini program platform can carry out a variety of marketing methods to grow For business, you can increase your customer base through marketing and promotion business models.

In fact, the existing real estate business is also facing strong market competition, and as the country promotes digital upgrading and the needs of many existing home-buying customers in renting and purchasing homes, the previous business model can no longer meet it. Therefore, this opportunity is more challenging for the real estate industry. The choice of developing real estate mini programs is also one of the inevitable trends in the next few years.

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