Things to note when developing mini programs

Original title: Mini programs require detailed development

Nowadays, with the continuous development of social networks, people’s lifestyles have changed dramatically compared to the past. In the past, young lovers who needed to say “I miss you” not only needed to write a letter, but also had to wait for several days. Now Well, I accidentally sent a message that could not be withdrawn after two minutes, which also led to many tragedies. I have to say that WeChat has driven the development of small programs, and it may be a two-way street, but the competition in the market is so fierce now. All developers are looking for opportunities, and sometimes a detail in the development of small programs can have unexpected effects.

Mini program requires detailed development

Different from app development, the production cycle of small programs is shorter and the construction cost is relatively low.

Mini program development targets all walks of life, and every business can expand the online market through mini program development. From various perspectives, the online market has an excellent business environment. On the one hand, it does not use too much labor, thus reducing part of the labor cost. On the other hand, users’ active social interactions make customer acquisition costs very low. For mini program production, this means lower trial and error costs. In addition, the cost of developing mini programs is relatively low. Having your own mini program saves the cost of installing third-party programs, thereby reducing costs. When customizing the development and operation of small programs, developers do not need to consider too many conditions. All you need to do is find a professional small program development company. Tianjin Mini Program Development Company starts from all aspects of details to better realize the development of Mini Program platform, allowing customers to use the Mini Program platform to operate and profit.

Many people may have this feeling: After clicking on the content page of a small program and browsing, they want to return to the home page, but find that there is no entrance. They can only go back one level or close the web page and reopen it. This will bring problems to users. Very bad experience. In mini programs, links back to the previous level or homepage are very important. This will effectively improve the user experience. Moreover, these links are also conducive to search engine crawling, which can bring great help to the mini program. .

The inconsistency between the content and the title is a very serious problem for mini programs. It will not only have a serious negative impact on the ranking of mini programs, but also seriously affect the user experience. Just imagine, if a user clicks on your webpage because they need something, but sees completely irrelevant content, they will be very annoyed – this is the same as the “clickbait” articles in some browsers.

This is a problem that will be ignored by most people. Maybe it is not ignored intentionally, but a typo occurred accidentally and was not checked out due to carelessness. But because of this, this is also a problem that occurs in many small programs, and it is a problem that can be avoided with no technical content and only needs to be careful. Typos may seem like a small problem, but they can actually cause a lot of trouble for small programs. On the one hand, they are still familiar and “will reduce the user experience.” On the other hand, they are easily misleading. For example, there are indeed two typos in some typos. Words with the same pronunciation have completely different meanings, which can easily mislead users and even search engines in certain contexts.

The speed at which web pages are opened has always been criticized by users. This is not the special home page, but the opening speed of all web pages in mini programs, including content pages. Today’s life is very fast-paced, and there may be few users who will wait patiently for web pages to load as they did a few years ago. If the home page opens too slowly, users may simply close the web page; if the content page loads too slowly, users may lose patience easily.

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