Mini program promotion: How to promote the WeChat mini program after it is developed?

WeChat Mini Program, a kind of mini program, the English name is Wechat Mini Program, is an application that can be used without downloading and installation. It realizes that the application is “at your fingertips” A dream, users can scan or search to open the application. Since its launch, mini programs have been welcomed by bosses from all walks of life and have become an important tool for development and operation. So, in the fierce market competition, how can mini program promotion occupy a favorable position after mini program development ?

How to promote WeChat applet development after completion

Reasonable positioning for mini program promotion

Mini programs need reasonable positioning. Customers need to understand who their mini programs are for and who they can provide value to. Excellent mini programs can be collected and continuously opened and used by users, so user experience and content are very important. If the mini program is not attractive, there is no point in promoting it.

Convenience of mini program promotion

Mini Program Promotion
Mini Program Promotion

The original intention of mini program development is to start immediately, so if you have a stable platform and users, you need to provide more entrances for users. It is recommended to consider developing small programs. For example, supermarkets need to scan codes to buy things. Supermarket shopping is a platform, customers are users of mini programs, and mini programs are the entrance, which help develop mini programs. For example, another school, where the school is a platform and students are users of the mini program, has developed an entrance to the mini program based on the platform and users. That mini program is also worth mentioning.

Post-promotion of mini program promotion

But if you don’t have a platform or customers, you want to develop a small program to operate it. If there are no good popularization channels and expenses in the early stage, it will be difficult to achieve. After it was launched, there were almost no users. Over time, small programs will become zombie applications. Therefore, for this type of small programs, we can build a basic platform and users on other mature platforms such as self-media platforms, and then consider more portal websites. When there is already a mature platform and users, it is very easy to promote the mini program. You only need to paste the QR code in a conspicuous place. If there is no platform and users, you can consider mature marketing channels, such as subway advertising, new media advertising, search engine optimization, paid keyword advertising, etc.

Mini program promotion requires a stable system

The server of the mini program needs to use a relatively stable cloud server to ensure stable operation 24 hours a day. When we use small programs, there are often several small programs that cannot be opened or cannot be opened, which brings great trouble to the user experience. Therefore, during the development process of WeChat applet, great attention must be paid to the stability of the server used by the applet. Only by fundamentally ensuring the stability of the system can we better serve users.

After the mini program is developed, how should it be better promoted? In addition to the above details that need attention, you should also pay attention to regular content updates. Only diversified content can better meet people’s needs.

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