Mini program price: How much does it cost to make a WeChat mini program?

Original title: How much does it cost to develop a WeChat mini program?

I believe everyone knows that with the rapid development of the Internet, people’s demand for convenient applications is increasing. WeChat mini programs are a very convenient application. Enterprises and merchants can use mini programs to implement online + offline marketing models. Users can better meet their daily needs through mini program development. It is precisely because of the many advantages of mini programs that many people want to develop them. So, how much does it cost to make a WeChat mini program?

How much does it cost to develop a WeChat applet?

1. Look at the type of mini program

The development costs of different mini program types are different. Now there are many types of mini programs: game mini programs, mall mini programs, display mini programs, etc. Among them, the development costs of game and mall mini programs are relatively high.

2. Check out mini program functions

The mini program type was mentioned above, so here we have to mention the mini program function. Since each enterprise and merchant has different needs for WeChat mini programs, this also leads to different development costs. Take the catering WeChat mini program as an example. Some merchants need online payment functions, membership functions, ordering functions, waiter calling functions, etc. Some merchants specialize in takeout, so they need to add a takeout function to this catering app. The more functions a small program is added, the difficulty of development will increase, the development time will also increase, and the development cost will naturally increase.

3. Look at the mini program UI

Companies have different design requirements and prices will vary. For example, senior UI designers are paid tens of thousands or more, and the things they do with high salaries are also very professional. You can check to see if the small program UI designed by a professional UI designer is particularly beautiful and concise. Once you use it, you will feel that the user experience is very good.

4. Check suppliers

There are many applications for mini programs. If you only have some simple functions and don’t have too many special requirements, some templates or lightly customized ones can satisfy you. If you have very high requirements in all aspects, there are also some special functions. Requirements, then customized development is required. When choosing a supplier, you should look at the supplier’s focus and choose the one that suits you.

Mini Program Template Development Price

The first thing to say about template applets is that in fact, most of the template applets on the market can meet the needs of users, and the price of template applets ranges from a few hundred to several thousand yuan. Therefore, if the template applet can meet the needs, there is no need for custom development.

Customized small programs

The price of customized development depends on the demand and difficulty of implementation. It is generally calculated based on the workload. The calculation method is as follows: Some templates really cannot meet the needs and requirements of customers. At this time, customized development is required.

According to the customer’s requirements, a small program is re-developed to meet the customer’s needs. At this time, the development company may need to invest in front-end, back-end, design, product, testers, etc. for development.
Generally, company quotations are based on person-days per day. For example, the price per person-day ranges from 500 to 1,000. Calculate the price based on how many person-days there are in total!

If a small program takes 30 days, then it may take more than 30 days.
Since only 3 people were invested in 30 days. A person day is 90 working days. Calculated based on 500, it is 45,000, and so on to calculate the customization cost.

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