What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?

What is private domain traffic? How to build your own private domain traffic?
When it comes to “private domain traffic pool”, everyone’s understanding is different. Some people understand it as a new traffic method, and some people understand it as a user pool.
In fact, if you really want to define the “private domain traffic pool”: then its essence is not traffic, but the refined operation of users. The users in the private domain traffic pool can be used repeatedly by themselves and can be reached for free. These users are accumulated in platforms such as WeChat public accounts, WeChat groups, WeChat personal accounts, and merchant CRM systems. We call them private domain traffic pools.
Compared with public domain traffic such as shopping malls and Taobao, which seem to have a lot of traffic, the conversion and repurchase rates of private domain traffic are easier to control. Therefore, private domain traffic is also getting more and more popular. So how to build a private domain traffic pool?
The following five keywords are the five key steps to start a private domain traffic pool:
1. Account maintenance
2. diversion
3. Personality
4. Conversion
5. Management
1. Maintaining an account is the most important job! With the container, we can talk about using the container to carry users, divert traffic, operate and transform.
Account maintenance is also a threshold that restricts the large-scale development of private domain traffic pools! Many people start to build traffic pools, and a few WeChat accounts and a few employees are enough, but if the volume is too large, it will cause official bans. Scale is not in the scale of this article, and we will discuss it next time.
To maintain an account, one must have the awareness of account maintenance. As WeChat rules become more and more stringent, if the security of the account cannot be guaranteed, all previous efforts will be wasted once it is banned.
There are two types of account maintenance methods that are common in the market at present:
The first category: self-support. One’s own employees register on WeChat, and the company uses a dedicated mobile phone to maintain the account. Employees carry their mobile phones with them at work and off work, and add customers to these numbers on WeChat for work use. This is the most compliant way to maintain an account, that is, each employee has an additional work mobile phone number, and all operations are human behaviors, ordinary business behaviors.
At present, many small-scale companies can build private domain traffic pools by relying on their own employees to maintain accounts. For example, if you add 3,000 customers to one account, if you have 10 employees, and each employee has an account, you can add 30,000 customers. Sufficient for daily business dealings.
The second category: buy old models in the market. One risk of buying an old account is that even if the old account is a real old account, all real-name operation history records are normal, and if a large number of old accounts are purchased and the employees operate improperly, the account will also be blocked. Replacing the login address itself is a sensitive act. If you buy an old account and want to migrate it, please proceed with caution.
Second, diversion is to import traffic into your private domain traffic pool.
It is a science to guide users to add your WeChat account, or you may actively request to add the user’s WeChat account. Now for e-commerce, the time period between the user placing an order and receiving the goods is the prime time, and the pass rate can be as high as 90% or even higher. If the user is your old user and has been silent for a long time, it will be very difficult to wake up such a user. It must be easier when there is interaction with the user. It is best to find the method that the user is interested in based on the characteristics of your category. The simplest and rude way of giving out red envelopes is getting worse and worse.
3. People design means creating IP. There is really a “real person” setting.
Many brands will insist that my WeChat account must be the brand logo as the avatar and the brand name as the nickname. WeChat is a social attribute. Friends in our circle of friends also hope to be a real person. The person talking to me is a real person, not a cold brand. Of course, if the brand can give users a social experience, it can also do so.
Most of them still recommend using real people to set up IP characters.
The person is the store manager: Regarding e-commerce sellers, the store manager has his own life and business. This business may support the store manager’s dream, or a small business to support the family. A full image of the store manager is not what users value. Unfamiliar store name, but a reliable person.
The human design is KOL: In some fields, people who need to output ideas or knowledge need to spread knowledge to users, integrate information and resources, and then create KOL.
Personality is an internet celebrity: Now is the age of looking at faces, and internet celebrities can be produced in many fields. In the user’s circle of friends, if there is a talent or internet celebrity, it feels that the appearance of the circle of friends has been improved Not a lot. Beauty, skin care, and clothing can take the road of becoming an Internet celebrity.
In short, different fields, according to the characteristics of the field, create different IP personas, establish relationships with users, gain user trust, and make users feel that there is a valuable [real person] in their circle of friends.
4. Selling and building a private domain traffic pool as a commercial activity, the ultimate goal is to convert and realize
How to do sales conversion in the private domain traffic pool, each method is also different. For example, e-commerce players usually release new products in the circle of friends, users praise and post orders, and give users a lot of grass. The conversion rate will be 2 times or even higher than that of other e-commerce platforms if you do event promotion orders at a specific point in time. For example, community players, after establishing a huge community, it is possible to use community advertising or other categories to convert and monetize.
5. Operation management and user management is to operate users as [real people], not traffic. [Really] has personal information and user behavior.
Private domain traffic pool is a long-term process of user operation. How to protect users and how to achieve greater value realization and conversion is related to the operator itself. All mass sending in batches will be seen through by users, and mass sending in batches is within the acceptable range of users, and the work that cannot be sent in batches should be done with care. Users feel your sincerity and build trust in you, making subsequent conversions easier.
Converting private domain traffic and choosing Dianjing SCRM will get twice the result with half the effort. The main functions of Dianjing SCRM system:
1. Dianjing SCRM customer interaction module
Convenient information dissemination function to help enterprises grow
Quick reply: the chat sidebar can pre-set the words, quickly send to customers, support multi-level classification and personal shortcuts, department shortcuts and other settings;
Custom circle of friends: Employees can post content to the customized circle of friends, which will be displayed in the external business card display, and customers can view it at any time;
Enterprise group sending: supports multi-dimensional screening of customer group sending, and supports historical group sending message viewing (convenient for later record screening and viewing);
2. Dianjing SCRM customer management module
All-round management of customers, enterprise resources will not be lost
Customer management: View customer detail list and various detailed dimension parameters;
Extended fields: Customizable customer sidebar dimension data fields;
Member customer statistics: count the total number of customers of each employee and the number of new customers on the day;
Customer Statistics: Statistics of the total number of customers. Display detailed parameter data such as the number of corporate WeChat customers and the number of private WeChat customers;
Label management: directly synchronize existing enterprise labels, and support adding enterprise labels in batches;
3. Point mirror SCRM risk control module
Intelligent risk control management to protect the interests of enterprises
Operational alarm: employee sensitive operation alarm, including private deletion of customers, private deletion of chat records, etc.;
Conversation archiving: After opening the trace version (risk control module), employees’ conversation content can be obtained in the background to improve service quality, improve member collaboration efficiency, and manage compliance requirements.
Sensitive word setting: Pre-set sensitive words appear in the chat process between employees and customers;
Sensitive records: when employees and customers have sensitive behaviors during the chat process, delete customers, trigger sensitive words, send and receive red envelopes, etc., and give timely feedback;
4. Point mirror SCRM employee management module
Master employee information and prevent employee management loopholes
Employee information: Automatically synchronize the enterprise WeChat address book, which is convenient for enterprises to manage employee data;
Work statistics: the number of newly added customers, the number of men, the number of women, etc.;
Role management: You can customize employee roles, corresponding permission settings, etc.;
Financial management: It can count employee red envelopes and transfer data.

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