Which type of news information app is better to develop?

Which type of news information app development is better?

I believe everyone has seen a lot of news and information applications. For example, Yidian News, Toutiao and other related apps are all news and information applications. So, how can we develop a news and information mini program for WeChat Mini Program? Which type is better?

Which type of news information app is better to develop?
News Information Mini Program

What types of news do you generally read online? Graphics, text, pictures, videos, and live broadcasts are probably these types. If you want to develop news information for WeChat applet, you need to understand what type of news users like to see, and then use this type as the main type, and the others as auxiliary.

According to analysis, more and more users like to watch videos, and the same is true for news. It would be better if it can be displayed in videos. The second is the way of pictures and texts, reasonable descriptions and pictures of the news scene, which makes it easier for users to Get to know the news.

Therefore, when developing news information types in WeChat mini programs, it is generally recommended to use short videos as the main type, supplemented by graphics and text, and then you can also add some live broadcast elements, such as some live news broadcasts, so that users can follow news developments in real time.

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