How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities?

How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities?

The outbreak of the epidemic has affected the production and life of various industries in different ways. As the epidemic develops on a regular basis, people need to be prepared to coexist with the virus for a long time. So in the prevention and control of the epidemic, what role will blockchain development technology play and what role can it play? How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities?

How does blockchain help build distributed digital identities?

1. Health code digitizes everyone

In this “big test” of the national governance system and governance capabilities, the role played by major Internet platforms is obvious to all. The “contactless” effect of digital technology has improved the collaborative efficiency of the entire process, multiple roles, and multiple scenarios of prevention and control. .

The health code played a huge role in information exchange during the epidemic. It allows individuals to “carry” their own relevant digital information tags, in a sense, making each of us a “digital person.”

Data sharing during this epidemic is in line with everyone’s life and health under limited conditions. But if this model is normalized, we have to consider the privacy and authenticity of data in cross-subject and cross-distance collaboration, and this is where blockchain technology comes in.

2. Blockchain builds distributed digital identity

In the future, through digital identity, you can complete identity verification for governments, banks and offices at home. However, in the process of sharing data, how to ensure the privacy of personal data and prevent personal privacy leakage is a headache. Moreover, the richer and broader the information captured, the higher the risk of personal privacy being leaked. Therefore, the development direction of digital identity will inevitably introduce blockchain as the underlying technology.

Blockchain is the foundation and “trust foundation” for open collaboration of digital identities. Distributed digital identities based on blockchain will be the real entrance to the digital world. Only after the distributed digital identity system is established can the digital world and the physical world be interconnected, the full implementation of digital applications be realized, and the development of the digital economy be enhanced.

The epidemic has caused setbacks in the development of many industries, but it has also given birth to many new economic forms. The emergence of many emerging technologies has also played an important role in the development of this epidemic, such as blockchain technology. In the future, blockchain development may provide more reliable solutions for various industries and empower industry transformation and upgrading.

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