What materials need to be prepared for the Developer City Mini Program?

Original title: What materials do you need to prepare for the Developer City Mini Program?

What materials do you need to prepare for the Developer City Mini Program?

I believe this is an issue that many merchants are concerned about. As the traffic of mini programs increases, many merchants have invested in the development of mini programs for WeChat malls. So today the editor will give you some popular science about the information and general process required for the Developer City Mini Program for your reference.

What information do you need to prepare for the original developer city applet?

1. Apply for a public account

Before merchants develop a WeChat mini program mall, they need to have a WeChat official account. Official accounts can be divided into two types, namely subscription accounts and service accounts. Merchants who do not know enough about the two may think that there is no difference between the two. In fact, there is a big difference between the two. Let’s start with Let’s talk about subscription accounts. Merchants who choose to open a subscription account can share a lot of information with no limit on quantity. However, one disadvantage is that WeChat payment is not supported, while service accounts are just the opposite. This type of public account will restrict merchants. However, one advantage is that it supports WeChat payment. Merchants do not need to activate the payment function separately, which saves a lot of trouble. Therefore, Huomaojun recommends that all merchants choose to open a service account.

2. Prepare materials in advance

Merchants need to prepare some information in advance before applying for a public account, such as the company’s legal person ID card, business license, etc. These materials are indispensable. Merchants can save a lot of time by preparing them in advance, and then follow the steps to apply for a public account. There are steps and tips to complete. Once merchants have completed these things, they can build a mini program mall, so completing these quickly is the key.

3. Choose a development company

Although some merchants have the ability to independently develop WeChat mini program malls, since developing micro malls by themselves is time-consuming and laborious, Huomaojun recommends that merchants cooperate with development companies. When choosing a development company, merchants should first investigate Make a choice based on the other party’s reputation and marketing cases, so that you can choose a development company that suits you.

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