How about developing a small program to sell tea?

In the existing traditional tea market, we are faced with a very serious problem, that is, the “price war”. However, tea of ​​similar quality can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan from other sellers. There is a lot of sales knowledge involved. , so what about developing a small program to sell tea?

Let’s take a look at the editor’s analysis and answers below.

How about developing a small program to sell tea?
Tea Mini Program

1. Increase digital management: After the 14th Five-Year Plan, China’s existing economic market is basically facing the “chapter” of promoting digital management, and mini programs are one of the first-class platforms that can be implemented, and this is also true for the tea market. In this way, the integration of online and offline not only effectively increases store turnover, but also makes it easier for merchants to manage various data in the backend through mini programs.

2. Increase brand awareness: The quality of many teas is obviously the same, but the reason why they are sold at very high prices lies in the word “brand”. But for small and medium-sized enterprises or individual stores, it is not easy to build a brand, and the social communication attributes of mini programs are very suitable for building brand awareness.

3. Increase the online experience: In the traditional tea sales market, more people still prefer to sell in offline stores. Although some large tea companies have also settled on e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and Tmall, for small and medium-sized enterprises For merchants or enterprises, the commission paid by the platform and the cost of obtaining public domain traffic are a large expense, and mini programs can reduce fees and commissions while increasing online sales channels.

4. Increase diversified marketing: Nowadays, online platforms are also in fierce competition in the channels for acquiring users. If you do not have good marketing methods, it will be difficult to obtain online traffic, let alone if there is no traffic. And users and conversions, and the mini program platform has diversified marketing, which is convenient for merchants to implement marketing.

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