What should we pay attention to when developing small programs for agricultural products?

More and more merchants and enterprises have developed their own mini programs, including some agricultural product merchants. Nowadays, the traditional marketing model can no longer meet the pace of social development. Relying on small programs to complete the transformation is a very good choice.

What should we pay attention to when developing small programs for agricultural products?
Agricultural products applet

What should you pay attention to when developing an agricultural product applet?

1. Agricultural products mini program functions:

Mini program live broadcast—during the epidemic, the live broadcast channel brought hope to many farmers, allowing people to realize the online selling function with zero contact, which not only allowed farmers to sell products and bring income, but also allowed consumers to buy products they are satisfied with. Distribution function – through distribution, users can gain revenue while attracting more users, agricultural product mall – users can purchase products they are satisfied with, WeChat payment function, etc.

2. First of all, the main purpose of any online shopping mall platform is to sell products, but without high-quality services as assistance, it will also reduce product sales. The interface of the agricultural product mini program does not require merchants to design too many complicated functions. It is simple, convenient for users to operate, streamlined and elegant, and allows users to browse product details intuitively during use. The page color can be a color close to nature – green, which highlights the natural feeling and advocates green products.

3. The advantage of the mini program is that it is ready to use, convenient and fast, and does not occupy the memory of the mobile phone.

4. Mini programs allow merchants to invest less and produce more: The agricultural product mini program actually has one billion users on WeChat, so it can attract a large number of customers without any additional investment. In this way, we can see how attractive mini programs are to merchants.

It has to be said that WeChat applet, as the most popular tool for online and offline scenarios, has great advantages. It does not require downloading and installation, does not occupy memory, is very simple and convenient to operate, and has a very good user experience. It has a great impact on attracting traffic and promotion. The help can bring considerable value and huge profits to the enterprise.

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