What mistakes should be avoided in website SEO optimization?

Enterprises have always attached great importance to SEO optimization, but the short-term effect is slow. If the weight drops or other problems occur due to unreasonable operations, it is still very easy.

What mistakes should be avoided in website SEO optimization?
Website SEO optimization

So, today I will share with you what kind of mistakes should be avoided in website SEO optimization to ensure high-quality operation of the website.

1. Avoid website friendly link problems

Although there are many reasons for a website to be downgraded, the friendship link of the website is a very important one. If the website is downgraded, it is necessary to check the friendship link in time to see if the other party’s website is K, unable to access, slow access, etc. , if there are more friend chain websites that the other party does not link to your own website, this situation needs to be dealt with in time, otherwise the problem of abnormal website data will appear, so you must check the friendship link part of the website in time.

2. Avoid frequently modifying the website TDK

There are three tags on a large number of TDK websites that play a very important role in the ranking of web pages or websites, especially now, the description tag cannot be changed frequently, and search engines focus on the two tags, and the keywords tag occupies a large part in the participating rankings. The proportion is very small.

Usually students who do SEO will not have such a problem, only newcomers in the industry will have this problem, if you change the search engine once, it will crawl again, if it is a new website, the search engine will delay including your website, or Your website or web page has been included by Baidu, but it will not be searched in the foreground, that is to say, it only exists in the index library of the search engine and cannot be seen by users.

3. Avoid bad links

There is a saying in the SEO industry that content is king and external links are king, which shows the importance of external links, and high-quality external links are more favored by search engines.

The ranking, weight, and keyword ranking of a site are inseparable from the help of high-quality external links. If you do not pay attention to the quality of external links but only pay attention to the quantity, it will lead to a large number of spam external links. So avoid poor quality links.

4. Avoid choosing keywords that are difficult to optimize

Which keywords are difficult to optimize? What method is used to judge whether the word is easy to optimize? Keywords that are difficult to optimize are keywords with high competition and popularity. So what method is used to judge whether the word is difficult to optimize? Site optimization companies can use data such as Baidu index, search engine natural ranking, Baidu promotion, and the number of keyword webpages to judge whether the word is easy to optimize.

5. Avoid irregular website updates

If the website is not updated regularly, the search engine will not crawl and include it in a timely manner, so that it cannot participate in the ranking of the search engine, and it will be even more difficult to start.

This is a relatively simple question. As long as the webmaster or site administrator can regularly update articles, let search engines develop the habit of browsing within a certain period of time. Therefore, the problem of irregular website updates must be avoided.

6. Avoid intercepting search engine spiders

Technicians or people engaged in SEO optimization understand the importance of roboots files, which are the files that search engines want to visit when accessing websites, and then tell search engine spiders which files and web pages can be accessed and which ones cannot.

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