How should the site map be used well?

When optimizing the website, the site map is very important for seoer. The map can give us a clear direction, allowing us to easily know what is in the website and how to find these things.

Is a site map necessary for every website? How should Sitemap be used?

Not every website needs a site map, it depends on the specific situation of the website, because the layout, content and other factors of each website are different, so the needs of each website are also different. For example, a single-page optimized website or a blog-type website can actually do without a site map. The content information of this kind of website is relatively small, and spiders can quickly crawl all the content, but large portal websites, There is so much content that it is difficult to find the content you want, so at this time the site map is used as a guide, then you can quickly find the content you want, then what about some operations on the site map? Continue to explore below.

How should the site map be used well?

The sitemap should contain the most important pages

If your sitemap contains too many links, your visitors will get lost while browsing. Therefore, if the total number of web pages exceeds 100, it is recommended to select the most important page of the website.

So which pages in the website are specifically selected to be placed in the site map?

1. Product category page.

2. The main product page.

3. FAQ is because (Frequently Asked Questions frequently asked questions) and help pages.

4. Top 10 most visited pages.

5. If there is an on-site search engine, select the pages with the highest number of hits from the on-site search engine.

6. For all key pages on the conversion path, visitors will start from the landing page and then forward along these pages.

The layout of the site map should be as simple as possible, and contain as many keywords as possible

Don’t use pictures as links in the site map, such links spiders can’t follow. Be sure to use standard HTML text for the link, and the link must contain as many keywords as possible. You can use specific product names such as: pollution-free herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc. instead of “our products” as the link. title.

Try to add text descriptions to your sitemap

Increasing the text will give the spiders more index-worthy content, and more clues about the content.

Place a link to the sitemap on every page

Visitors generally expect a link to your sitemap at the bottom of every page, and you can take advantage of this habit. If the website has a search bar, you can add a link to the site map near the search bar, or even place a link to the site map in a fixed position in the search results.

Make sure every link in the sitemap is correct and valid

If the links that appear in the site map are dead links or irregular links, the impact on search engines is very bad. If there are few links, you can click one by one to check the validity of the links. If there are many links, you can use link tools to detect them, such as: use the dead link detection tool of Webmaster Tools.

You can write the sitemap into the Robots.txt file

When search engine spiders come in to grab a web page, the first thing they visit is the Robots.txt file, and if the sitemap is placed in the robots.txt file, the spider will access the sitemap earlier and faster, which greatly improves the spider’s performance. crawling efficiency.

Website pages can bring users a good experience

There are many ways to generate sitemap maps on the Internet, such as online generation, software generation, etc. Sitemap maps can be submitted to major search engines, so that search engines can better collect website pages, and you can also tell search engines through robots.txt The location of the map. Upload the prepared site map to the root directory of the website. The most important thing is to add the link address of the site map to the robots.txt file and make it convenient for the spider to grab the site map page. The position of the page corner or header.

In short: There are many factors that affect the website optimization ranking, and it is also crucial for the site map, but the site maps used by different websites are also different.

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