Shanghai Mini Program Development – What are the pain points of traditional physical stores?

Nowadays, more and more industries and businesses have discovered the importance of private domain traffic. Therefore, many businesses have begun to pay attention to and launch mini programs, and want to develop one of their own. Program, use your own small program to do business.

Traditional physical stores have many pain points, and the development of small programs can help physical stores perfectly solve these pain points. Let’s take a closer look:

Shanghai Mini Program Development - What are the pain points of traditional physical stores?
Mini program development

What are the pain points of traditional physical stores?

1. Limited service scope

Traditional physical stores are limited to the scope of their own products and services. General stores can only serve customers within a radius of 500 meters. How to increase store visibility and enhance the service radius of physical stores is every A bottleneck that every store owner must face.

2. The customer belongs to the store, but not to the store

The business of most stores is a one-time deal. Without the awareness and methods of customer protection, there is really no stickiness at all. It can be said that every customer who comes to the store belongs to the location, not the store itself. It is unpredictable when and whether this customer will come again.

3. Operating costs continue to rise

As ​​we all know, the two largest operating costs of physical stores are rent and labor. When costs are relatively fixed, we can only work hard on providing services and adding new customers. How to attract customers is the key to reducing costs and improving performance!

4. E-commerce has a strong impact

Needless to say, I believe every store owner has a deep understanding of this point.

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