Shanghai mini program development-physical store mini program development and online

Nowadays, there are still many physical stores that do not know much about mini programs, so they often have a skeptical attitude, so it is difficult to make up their mind to create mini programs.

Shanghai mini program development-physical store mini program development and online
Mini program development

In view of this, let me talk about the development of small programs for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

You can choose to outsource the system, or you can apply for a WeChat applet yourself.

1. Preparation

Before making a mini program, first log in to the WeChat public platform, complete the mini program account registration and record the mini program merchant payment number and mini program APP key. After these accounts are prepared, the production of mini programs begins.

2. Select the production type

In the market, most programs use component drag-and-drop template development, and template development is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. Use third-party development platforms

Log in to the third-party development platform to register. Generally, the platform will provide a free trial function. You can try the backend functions.

4. Products on the shelves

Before putting products on the shelves, first carry out “product classification”, complete the setting of product classification, and start “publishing products”.

5. Shop decoration

Before putting products on the shelves, start decorating the store. Drag the basic components on the left into the mobile phone frame. Set the components on the right. After the settings are completed, click Submit. After the submission is completed, you can see the displayed renderings in the mobile phone frame. . After all components are built, click “Save and Publish”, “Set the store you built as the homepage”, and then click “Publish”.

6. One-click publishing

The process of one-click publishing is: scan QR code to authorize-publish mini program-submit for review-pass review-official release.

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