What are the entrances to WeChat mini programs?

What are the entrances to WeChat mini programs!

What are the entrances to WeChat mini programs?

WeChat users cannot see mini programs because of the designers. Because Zhang Xiaolong made it clear that WeChat cannot disturb users. This sentence makes it very clear that you cannot directly use mini programs like chatting or send them to your circle of friends to gain users, because this ecosystem belongs to WeChat, and mini programs are another ecological model and cannot be used in the WeChat ecosystem. To compete for customers on WeChat’s territory, users will only realize the existence of mini programs when they want to use them and actively look for them.

Today let’s take a look at what are the entrances to WeChat mini programs?

What are the entrances to WeChat mini programs?
What are the entrances to WeChat mini programs?

Entrance 1: Main entrance

This is the location of the mini program in WeChat, and it is also the most direct place to enter the mini program. Mini programs that have been entered will be saved in the mini program list for easy opening next time. There are nearby mini programs in the mini program. In the nearby mini programs, we can see all the mini programs within a radius of 5 kilometers.

Entrance 2: Search location

1. Search bar in the mini program list: Search by keyword, all mini programs under the search keyword will be directly displayed

2. Top search page: The search interface will directly display commonly used mini programs

3. Top search results page: Search results will display mini programs

Add the search results page of the friend search box: the search results will display the mini program

Entrance Three: Official Account

1. Official account introduction page: list of related mini programs, showing all mini programs associated with the official account, you can click to jump directly

2. Official account custom menu: you can add small programs and click to jump directly

3. Official account template message: When the official account is associated with a mini program, there will be a template prompt message

4. Public account articles: In public account articles, you can directly insert mini program cards and click to jump directly to the mini program

Entrance 4: Mini Program QR Code

Scan the QR code to directly enter the mini program.

Image-based QR code can be used in many ways: inserting into official account articles, sending messages in Moments, sending in chats with friends (groups), printing and posting to products, or otherwise being discovered Location etc.

Entrance 5: WeChat payment entrance

1. Add mini program entrance to WeChat wallet

2. After the payment is completed, the service notification page is the mini program entrance. At the mini program entrance, click to jump directly

Entrance 6: Chat page applet forwarding

The mini program is directly forwarded to the friend (group) chat interface, displayed in the form of a card, click to jump directly

Entrance Seven: Chat Mini Program

Chat applet exists in the backend of friends and group chats. The applet forwarded in the group will be saved in the chat applet for easy opening next time. For industry groups, you can Place your own industry applet in it for easy opening and discovery

Entrance 8: Card and coupon entrance

The mini program can set up the card and coupon function, and you can directly enter the mini program through the card and coupon interface. Don’t underestimate the card and coupon entrance. Many users like to earn cheap money. Of course, your cards and coupons should not be deceptive or inducing. Only real discounts can achieve the word-of-mouth effect of social marketing

Entrance 9: Android desktop icons

Android mobile phones have opened the “Add to Desktop” function, which can directly produce desktop icons from small programs. In this way, after using the small program once, you will feel that you will use it again next time. You can drag it directly to the desktop icon and open it instantly the next time you use it

Entrance 10: Mini Program Open Mini Program

You can add mini program cards to mini programs and jump directly to the corresponding mini program by clicking on them

Did you see that in WeChat, there are many entrances to mini programs? Let me tell you the purpose of so many entrances. Don’t wait for users to come to you. Instead, you have to take the initiative and choose one. Or multiple entrances, use appropriate promotion strategies to gain the attention and attention of target users. An entrance is like a road. What WeChat mini programs have to do is to mark “road signs” on these roads, allowing users to be themselves semi-active and semi-passive. User.

Any application or mini program cannot do without the support of users. If you want to fully experience the magic of WeChat mini programs, you must attract users to visit through various entrances. When you have enough Only after users can use data to prove it.

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