APP development related knowledge and solutions

At present, there are more and more users making software in the mobile Internet era, but only a few of them really understand the development industry. Most of them have ideas but have not practiced them, and it is easy to get into trouble. Software made at a high price is unsatisfactory and cannot achieve the desired effects. There is no follow-up guarantee for the software that is made after using it. If you want to avoid these problems, you must have a general understanding of software development. .

APP development
APP development

Below we will talk about the process of APP development, issues to pay attention to, development types and other related knowledge. We hope it will be helpful to everyone.

APP development related knowledge and solutions

1. APP development process

The development process of an APP can be roughly divided into the following steps: ① Control of core needs (what specific problems customers need to solve with this APP) ② Sorting out needs (some needs developed based on core needs) ③ Budget evaluation ④ Prototype design ⑤ UI design ⑥ Front-end development ⑦ Back-end development ⑧ Testing and launch ⑨ Maintenance

2. Things to note in APP development

a. Sorting out needs (the most important thing!!!)

For developing an APP, sorting out requirements is very important! How important is it? If this step is not done well, the probability of subsequent development failure is 50%!

Why is the sorting out of requirements so important? The reason is that demand is the foundation of a project. Only if the early demands are straightened out and controlled correctly can subsequent projects be ensured to run on the right track, otherwise they can only go in the opposite direction. We often encounter this situation. During the project development process, we find that the requirements are misunderstood, and the things developed are completely inconsistent. This is the reason why we did not pay attention to the requirements in the early stage. Even if you are very careful in the early stage of sorting out, you will often encounter problems with misunderstanding of some details, so this step needs to be done with caution!

On the other hand, demand also determines the development cost of the project. The more detailed the demand is, the more accurate the evaluation of development cost will be, and the higher the development cost will be. For example, for a RMB 50,000 project, if the requirements are very detailed, the final development cost of RMB 1 million may not be enough.

b. Prototype design

Prototyping is to implement the APP prototype based on the understanding of requirements. This step is also very important. Why? The reason is that after the requirements are controlled, the development team or development company needs to convert something practical based on the requirements, and after this step is completed, the requirements need to be checked with the demander. During the verification process, further check whether the understanding of requirements is in place. If there is no problem, then you can proceed to the following steps.

c. Program development

The next step is actually a matter of implementation. After the requirements are guaranteed, an experienced development team can basically implement the APP. The quality of the APP is determined based on cost and technical strength. This is easy to understand. The larger the budget, the better the corresponding development engineers can be hired, the greater the adjustability when demand changes, and the better the project control.

APP development related knowledge and solutions

3. Technology types of APP development

a. WebApp Packing

Development method: mobile website template or ready-made website+packaging

Advantages: fast development

Disadvantages: poor effect, consumption of data, poor browsing experience, slow access speed, etc.

Note: Generally few people develop this kind of

b. HTML5 development

Advantages: The cost is about 50% to 30% of the original ecological APP, and it is also a way that is closer to the effect of native development.

Disadvantages: Insufficient compatibility with major platforms, and it consumes system resources. It’s even more laggy on low-end phones.

c. Original ecological development

Advantages: Currently the most commonly used and mature development method. The more attention you pay to details, the higher the cost.

Disadvantages: The development cost is high. Generally, the development cost of an APP ranges from a few thousand yuan to tens of millions depending on the specific functional requirements.

d. Mixed development

Advantages: The cost is lower than native development, and the effect is better than web packaging and H5 development.

Disadvantages: The fluency is worse than native development

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