Shanghai software development-the difference between APP development and WeChat applet development

The dividends of mini programs and apps are being seen by more and more companies, and everyone is not far behind and wants a piece of the pie. Do you know which one of WeChat mini programs or apps is easier to develop?

Before discussing this issue, we should first understand the differences between the two before making a choice.

Shanghai software development-the difference between APP development and WeChat applet development
Software development

1. Target group

Mini Programs: Mini Programs can only be used in WeChat, and are limited to WeChat users and the target users of Mini Programs; currently, WeChat users exceed 1.2 billion, and Mini Programs are an emerging market with still a lot of room for development.

APP: Today’s APP is open to all users using smartphones. Therefore, APP has a wide user base.

2. Function board

Mini Programs: Mini Programs rely on WeChat to survive. Without WeChat, Mini Programs cannot be used. Mini Programs are not as good as APPs in carrying capacity and can only provide some simple functions. However, Mini Programs do not require downloading and installation, and do not occupy mobile phone memory.

APP: All the functions of the application are very complete. After all, the development time is long enough, the scalability is strong, and the user services are more complete; in the application, many functions of the application can be used at will. As long as the company’s development team is professional enough, many functions can be easily implemented.

3. Development cycle

From the perspective of development cycle, small programs have absolute advantages.

Mini program: Because it relies on the WeChat mini program, the development cycle is very short and usually only takes about two weeks to complete.

APP: The development cycle of APP is relatively long, ranging from two or three months to half a year or even one year; in addition, APP must also consider compatibility, because different operating systems have different versions.

4. Development effect

Mini programs: Mini programs rely on WeChat to survive, and WeChat is a very large ecosystem. Therefore, mini programs can be promoted in WeChat’s social circle and are relatively convenient to use.

APP: APP is an independent ecosystem, and its promotion effect is weaker than that of mini programs.

5. User experience

Mini programs: Mini programs rely on WeChat to survive. Therefore, whether it is interface design, page switching or functional requirements, it is normal for the same design to appear, so it is difficult to achieve a high degree of customization.

APP: APP has absolute advantages in user experience. Whether it is from page loading speed, product visibility or unsightliness, companies can let professional and technical personnel make adjustments.

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