• What are the benefits of WeChat mini program development for physical stores? What difficulties can mini programs solve for physical stores?

    How big an impact will mini programs have on physical stores? In such a fiercely competitive environment, companies must find breakthroughs to survive. Compared with the centralized retail format of traditional e-commerce layout, decentralized new retail is an inevitable trend for small and medium-sized merchants. Mini programs are the key to decentralized new retail. What I want to share with you today is what are the benefits of small program development for physical stores? What difficulties can mini programs solve for physical stores? Mini programs can be built as an…

  • Should physical stores build WeChat mini programs?

    Should physical stores build WeChat mini programs? In fact, this is not a question that a physical store wants to ask. Regarding these aspects, the editor has compiled relevant information and will share it with you here. I hope it will be helpful to you. The content is for reference only. 1. Problems encountered by physical stores 1. Limited customer flow: Traditional physical stores rely on nearby customer traffic to survive, but limited traffic makes it difficult to increase store sales. 2. The impact of e-commerce is huge: Nowadays, with…

  • Is it really beneficial for a physical store to choose the WeChat mini program platform?

    Is it really beneficial for a physical store to choose the WeChat mini program platform? Why is e-commerce so successful? Presumably many physical merchants have different answers, but the most important factor is that it highlights the “convenience and discount” shopping form, allowing users to feel a real experience throughout the entire purchasing process. The development of e-commerce in recent years It has been in a stagnant stage. As the cost of obtaining public traffic has increased, the e-commerce traffic dividend has disappeared. The next few years will be the…

  • What functions are required for medical and health consulting APP development?

    Good health is the capital of struggle. Understand your physical condition through your smartphone The development of health consultation application software allows users to fully understand their physical condition through various data analysis, expert answers, etc. If people are always more… Especially in terms of physical and mental health, we all need a healthy body, then the development of applications is to provide diverse information about healthy bodies to help users improve their living habits. What functions are needed to develop a medical and health consulting APP 1. Promote health…

  • Why does community e-commerce have such a powerful money-making effect?

    With the development of the times, the market scope of e-commerce has become more and more extensive. In recent years, the community e-commerce model derived from e-commerce has become very popular. It is combined with offline physical stores to promote the new retail model. So what operations does the community e-commerce platform have? What about patterns? On the basis of having a physical store, a community e-commerce system will be opened. Users can go to the physical store to consume, or place orders through mobile phones and have them delivered…

  • Shanghai Mini Program Development – What are the pain points of traditional physical stores?

    Nowadays, more and more industries and businesses have discovered the importance of private domain traffic. Therefore, many businesses have begun to pay attention to and launch mini programs, and want to develop one of their own. Program, use your own small program to do business. Traditional physical stores have many pain points, and the development of small programs can help physical stores perfectly solve these pain points. Let’s take a closer look: What are the pain points of traditional physical stores? 1. Limited service scope Traditional physical stores are limited…

  • How to do the online booking applet?

    Affected by the repeated epidemics, many offline entities have encountered passenger flow restrictions, which has a great impact on stores that provide offline services such as massage and SPA. Many businesses have begun to create online appointment applets, users make online appointments, and technicians come to serve , which can effectively relieve the operating pressure of offline stores. Next, I will briefly introduce what the offline reservation mini-program includes. 1. Project display Display the service items provided, so that users can clearly understand which items are available, and choose the…