Detailed process of developing APP in Shanghai

In the past few years, driven by the two wheels of market and policy, the APP development outsourcing industry has developed rapidly, and the trend of intelligent services has emerged.

With the increasing number of core business outsourcing activities of enterprises, there are more and more APP outsourcers with professional skills, high added value, and overall solutions.

The editor will take you to learn the detailed process of developing APP in Shanghai.

Detailed process of developing APP in Shanghai
Mini program development

1. Requirements sorting: Requirements analysis is the most important link in the development process of an APP project. The success of APP development largely depends on this. The user needs analysis mentioned here refers to the sorting out of APP functions based on user requirements. The subjects targeted are all users, and “user-centered” is not just a slogan. Because the APPs developed by many companies are used by demanding users, when sorting out APP development needs, we must not only base on the development needs required by the company, but also understand the needs of the majority of users targeted by the company. Finally, these requirements were sorted out and classified, and a rough APP functional framework was sorted out. During this process, we must not cut off contact with the users we are targeting, and try our best to ensure that there is no doubt that the functions developed will not be cumbersome or inapplicable.

2. Estimated cost: Whether the project is developed by your own team or handed over to a third-party company for design and development, it is very necessary to establish a complete and high-quality requirements document. The investment of time can more accurately estimate the budget required for the project. At the same time, these documents will later help product managers, UI designers, technical developers, etc. understand the project and reduce possible errors in personnel communication.

3. Prototype design: Prototype design is similar to a sketch of an APP product. After in-depth user analysis, the requirements are classified and sorted into functional modules. Simple products can be built using these functional modules. prototype.

4. UI design: On the basis of the product prototype, the UI designer begins to beautify the APP interface, design the layout structure according to the displayed content, control the design style, and perform corresponding color matching and drawing functions for each area. Menu icons, design page elements, etc. require constant communication and modification during this period, and finally design all APP interface renderings.

5. Architecture design: A system architect is a person who needs to control the whole but also needs to understand local bottlenecks and provide solutions based on specific business scenarios. Technical personnel who confirm and evaluate system requirements, provide development specifications, build the core architecture for system implementation, clarify technical details, and clear up major difficulties. It mainly focuses on the “technical implementation” of the system. Therefore, he/she should be a master of specific development platforms, languages, and tools, and be able to immediately provide the most appropriate solutions to common application scenarios. At the same time, he/she should have sufficient understanding of the development team to which he/she belongs, and be able to evaluate his/her team’s implementation of specific The functional requirements require a price. The system architect is responsible for designing the overall architecture of the system. Every detail from demand to design must be considered, and the entire project must be grasped to make the designed project as efficient as possible, easy to develop, easy to maintain, and simple to upgrade. The main task of the architect is not to write specific software programs, but to engage in higher-level development architecture work. He must have a good understanding of development technology and good organizational management skills. It can be said that the quality of an architect’s work determines the success or failure of the entire software development project.

6. Data construction: According to the functional data processing situation analyzed and compiled according to the needs, establish a reasonable database table structure, optimize the data algorithm, improve the data processing efficiency, and ensure the security, accuracy and stability of the data in the process of using the APP and timeliness.

7. Service development: The core processing of an APP application is completed by the server-side program. The client’s APP knowledge needs to send and receive data. Due to the limited hardware configuration and storage capacity of the user’s mobile device, the core data processing process is performed by The server performs computing processing. This method is also called cloud computing. After the server processing is completed, it is fed back to the client APP. Therefore, server-side program development is extremely important, and all functions need to be developed strictly in accordance with the functions compiled during the requirements analysis stage. Server-side development, especially web development, is basically all about processing HTTP requests. It is divided into two types according to specific uses: Web page development and API interface development.

8. Port development: Programmers develop the client according to the APP renderings, implement the code of the design renderings, write the interface for function calls, connect to the server side, so that the data on the server side can interact, and develop a APP that is consistent with the renderings. APP client.

9. Program testing: A comprehensive test of the APP. This test is to simulate the problems that may occur when users use it normally and abnormally. Of course, necessary data needs to be imported for testing. If errors occur, development and repair will continue. Passing proves that the entire APP has been completed, and then the finished product is handed over to users for trial use. Arranging sufficient testing time before the project goes online is a crucial guarantee for the quality of a software.

10. App Store: After completing the signature verification, the developed client APP program can be submitted and published to various app stores. The iOS version of the APP is submitted to Apple’s AppStore, and the Android version is submitted to major domestic Android app stores. (PS: According to the current Android market applications, a work certificate with software ownership must be provided – that is, a soft copy. In order not to affect the launch time, it is recommended that all platform accounts and certificates that need to be used complete the application during project synchronization or as early as possible in the early stage)

11. Maintenance and update: Maintain the APP after it goes online, collect user feedback information, and promptly fix bugs in the APP application. 1. Maintenance of developer accounts in major application markets, update and maintenance of developer accounts for iOS systems such as Apple Store, and Android systems such as Wandoujia, Android Market, Carpenter Ant, 360 Market, etc. 2. Based on user feedback after the first version of the app is launched and product data analysis, update the next version, upgrade functions, add sections, etc.

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