What issues need to be paid attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

Original title: What issues should be paid attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

The rise of WeChat mini programs has given hope to many companies that cannot afford traditional APP development costs.

Some companies shift their development focus based on their technical teams and App development experience. Compared with APPs, WeChat mini programs are indeed more convenient. They do not require installation, save mobile phone memory, and can be used within WeChat. So what should we pay attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

What issues need to be paid attention to when developing WeChat mini programs?

1. The name of the WeChat applet can be in Chinese, numbers, or English. The length is between 3-20 characters, and one Chinese character is equal to 2 characters.

2. The name of the WeChat mini program must not be the same as the existing subscription account or service account on the public platform. If prompted with a duplicate name, please change the name and set it.

3. The name of the WeChat applet is completed when setting the account information. Please set it carefully. Once set, it cannot be modified.

4. Change the name and set it. If a company’s trademark, organization name or other names are infringed, you can file a complaint through the infringement complaint process on the public platform and retrieve the right to use the name.

5. The function definition of the mini program must be consistent with the actual services provided; the categories provided by the mini program must be placed on the homepage, and the deepest can only be placed on the second-level page;

6. Individual developers cannot apply for WeChat mini programs; currently WeChat only supports applications from enterprises, governments, media, and other organizations.

7. A subject can register 30, and a developer bound to an identity can only create 5 WeChat mini programs.

8. If you are not a special organization, you still have to spend 300 yuan for certification. Even if your public account has been verified, you still need to pay 300 yuan (supports WeChat payment) for verification, so that you can turn on the audit switch and publish the mini program. WeChat payment requires WeChat authentication before it can be used.

9. WeChat Mini Programs, as always, do not support content that induces sharing, induces attention, false fraud, etc., nor does it support page content where the advertising display ratio exceeds 50%;

10. The server configuration can only be modified three times a month, so save it and be careful not to miss it. Don’t mess with the configuration below if you have nothing to do. Make sure you confirm it before making any changes, and write it completely at once, otherwise you will waste your opportunity by changing a small punctuation.

11. Your domain name, registration, and https must be ready, otherwise you won’t be able to do it. (The server domain name needs to be ICP registered, and the new registered domain name can be configured within 24 hours. The domain name format only supports Yawen uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and “-“, and does not support IP addresses and port numbers)

12. The WeChat mini program avatar and introduction can only be modified 5 times per month, and the service scope can only be modified once per month. The mini program QR code can only be obtained after the first version is launched.

13. When selecting a template message, you can use the title template with different keywords. The keyword type and order cannot be modified after the configuration is submitted.

14. When you cannot find the template keywords, you can apply to add them. New keywords can be submitted 5 times per month and will be shared after passing. (A good opportunity to pile up your own keywords!!)

15. A mini program account has only one administrator (can be modified) and can be bound to 10 developers.

16. Important things to note when developing WeChat mini programs:

Development version: Use developer tools to upload code to the development version. The development version only retains each person’s latest uploaded code. Click Submit for review to submit the code for review. The development version can be deleted without affecting the code of the online version and the version under review.

Version under review: Only one copy of the code is under review. Once the review results are available, they can be published online, or they can be resubmitted directly for review, overwriting the original review version.

Online version: The code version used by all online users. This version of the code will be overwritten and updated after the new version of the code is released.

The above are the things you need to pay attention to during the development of WeChat mini programs. Whether you rely on your own technical team for development or use code-free WeChat mini program development tools to generate it directly, companies need to pay attention to these matters when developing WeChat mini programs to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.

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