Psychological consultation applet development

Original title: Psychological Counseling Mini Program Development

Nowadays, people’s work and life are under great pressure, and the number of people with psychological problems is increasing year by year. People’s neglect and prejudice against mental illness, and their lack of knowledge on how to release their emotions, has led many people to feel that it is shameful to see a psychiatrist.

It is urgent to advocate people to pay attention to psychological problems. The development of psychological counseling mini-programs is a big improvement. People can effectively grasp the opportunity for treatment and get more timely guidance through psychological counseling mini-programs.

So, what functions should be included in the development of a psychological counseling applet?

Psychological consultation mini program development

Functions of the psychological consultation applet:

1. Consultant sets time

Psychological counselors can set their own appointment time in the backend management system through the mini program. When a time period has been reserved by the user or there are temporary matters that need to be handled, the counselor can set the appointment time at any time through the backend management through the mini program.

2. Customers make online reservations

Customers can enter time reservations, online orders and other operations through the mini program, select the time when the consultant can make an appointment and send an appointment notification to the consultant. After the appointment is successful, they can go directly to the store for psychological consultation.

3. Consultation time reminder

After both parties confirm the order, half an hour before the appointment time, the mini program will push a time reminder to both parties through the backend system to prevent both parties from missing the appointment. The system will push a time reminder within the mini program and in the subscription message.

4. Customer feedback

After both parties complete the psychological counseling treatment, first the consultant will confirm that the order is completed, and then the customer will confirm the order. This order means that it has been successfully completed. The customer can also evaluate the psychological counselor through the mini program to facilitate others to consult with the psychological counselor. s Choice.

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