Ways to monetize the development of e-commerce live streaming systems!

As an emerging live broadcast economy, the development of the live broadcast system has the ability to attract assets. According to relevant data and information, the total traffic realization capability of the e-commerce live broadcast system ranks first. Briefly describe the five implementation methods of e-commerce live broadcast system.

Ways to monetize the development of e-commerce live streaming systems!
E-commerce live broadcast

1. Live broadcast room gifts

Live broadcast rewards are a unique source of income for online live broadcast platforms. When watching the live broadcast, customers can customize different types of gift options in the developed e-commerce live broadcast system according to their different roles, and reward the host mainly with their favorite host. While we are increasingly willing to pay for knowledge-based courses, we are also increasingly willing to pay for our favorite presenters. The trend of live broadcasting has gradually evolved into its own detailed management system, which is one of the main sources of revenue for broadcasters, which are slowly turning into live broadcasting platforms.

E-commerce live broadcast system

2. Membership system

The VIP membership system is closely related to everyone’s daily life. For the consumption of water and soil, these restaurants have developed a design system for VIP members. There is nothing else to do except developing e-commerce systems. The VIP membership system is a service platform where one-time customers pay a certain cost. By becoming a VIP member, you can enjoy discounts, which is convenient for users who cannot enjoy it.

The member information control system designed and developed by the live broadcast system can meet people’s vanity at a certain economic level, and also provides another way for the service platform to monetize. Users who have activated VIP membership enjoy convenience, stimulate more consumption, and provide assets for the continuous development of the service platform.

3. Squatting fee

Perhaps many people do not understand that when contacted by a merchant anchor dog, certain fees for the pit location must be deducted, and it is necessary to buy a website and place your own merchandise between the anchor points. This is also one derived from income.

4. Business advertising cooperation

One of the effective solutions for e-commerce live streaming system design software to realize traffic monetization is live streaming to bring goods. Merchant’s embedded advertisements provide both anchors and service management platforms with huge profits.

For viewers, placing ads between anchors is not actually a simple consumption behavior by fans. Placing ads in live streaming rooms often results in higher cost-effectiveness and lower prices for clients. Fans trust the anchor, and the anchor brings fans benefits. It is essentially an excellent circulation system. The e-commerce live broadcast system also captures the mentality of fans and achieves rapid traffic realization.

5. Commodity profit divided into

Product profit refers to the total flow of goods during the entire delivery process, and the sales of goods will generate profits, which are cashed out by the product anchors, service platforms and merchants after market sales with a certain proportion of the box office.

The studio brushes gifts, membership system, squatting merchants pay a certain fee, carry out advertising business cooperation, and the profitability of business and product sales is divided into five main lifestyles and realization of system development, total traffic conversion of completed goods, Living in the e-commerce system development industry has good economic development of the circulation system.

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