Flexible employment system development – What is the difference between flexible employment and natural person employment?

What is the difference between a flexible employment platform and a natural person operating it? Flexible employment and natural persons are an area that many friends easily confuse, because both companies target individuals. Then let me give you two usage scenarios, and you may understand.

Flexible employment system development - What is the difference between flexible employment and natural person employment?
Flexible employment system

First, let’s talk about the flexible employment platform.

Flexible employment works like this. It’s a bit like when we used to make a software. I posted my needs on a platform, I put money into the platform and recharged it, and then there would be some personal engineers or some software developers. programmer to accept my needs, then when he completes his task and we both accept it, he can receive his money, and then the platform needs to issue a special invoice to me.

The platform helps individuals collect personal taxes, so individuals can also receive the money.

This is called flexible employment. There are also some cases of flexible employment. For example, in the past, we had to find a driver to help us transport goods, but maybe our accounts were not easy to record. Now, I call a driver through the Lalamove platform and he will help me transport the goods to a certain place. You will find that the platform can issue invoices to me, and the driver can also receive the money. This is called flexible employment.

So what is natural person generation?

We all know that as long as you want to issue an invoice, you can also issue it in your personal name. For example, if I ask you to provide consulting services, you can issue an invoice for me in your personal name, and my company will transfer the money to you, and you will give it to me. Issuing an invoice is called issuance by a natural person.

So many people have asked, the same thing is for individuals. Why should I build a flexible employment platform? So why bother?

But you should also note that if you are using a natural agent, some of their categories are labor fees. Well, we all know that the labor fee is basically very high. If it is more than 50,000, it will be subject to a 40% personal tax.

Regarding this, you can directly search the Internet for more detailed information. If you need it, you can check it online.

Note: Only for labor dispatch and human resources

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