What’s different about WeChat development version

WeChat Development Edition is a special version officially provided by WeChat to developers, which is different from the normal WeChat version in many ways. Below I will explain in detail the differences between the WeChat development version and the normal WeChat version.

What's different about WeChat development version

1. Developer Mode

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WeChat development version is friendly to developers, and it provides developers with a developer mode. The developer mode allows developers to debug and test in WeChat. In developer mode, developers can use the debugging tools provided by WeChat for debugging. It allows developers to develop WeChat more conveniently.

Second, custom menu

WeChat development version supports developers to customize the menu. Developers can add their own functions in the custom menu, so that users can use WeChat more conveniently. Custom menus allow developers to develop WeChat more flexibly.

3. Template message

WeChat development version supports template messages. Developers can create template messages according to their own needs and send messages to users. Template messages make it easier for developers to send messages.

Fourth, statistics

WeChat development version supports data statistics. Developers can understand users’ usage through data statistics, so as to develop WeChat more accurately. Data statistics can help developers better understand user needs and improve user experience.

5. WeChat Pay

WeChat development version supports WeChat payment. Developers can integrate the WeChat payment function in WeChat, so that users can complete payment operations in WeChat. WeChat payment can make business development more convenient for developers.

6. Developer Tools

WeChat development version provides developer tools. Developers can use developer tools for development and debugging. Developer tools allow developers to develop WeChat more conveniently.

Seven, test number

WeChat development version provides a test number. Developers can use the test account for development and testing, making WeChat development more convenient. The test account can make it easier for developers to develop WeChat.

In short, compared with the ordinary WeChat version, the WeChat development version pays more attention to the needs of developers, and provides richer functions and more flexible development methods. It allows developers to develop WeChat more conveniently, improving development efficiency and user experience.

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