What business opportunities can mini program development bring to enterprises?

How will the mini program with 450 million daily users change the enterprise

Tencent stated in its 2020 Q1 financial report that the combined number of monthly active accounts of WeChat and WeChat reached 1.2025 billion, an increase of 8.2% over the same period last year.

As user behavior shows structural changes from offline to online, mini programs are further integrated into daily life services, especially in daily necessities purchase, catering, clothing and other livelihood services. This has led to the rapid expansion of the mini program user group, with daily active users More than 450 million

A professional small program development company is here to talk to you about what business opportunitiessmall program development can bring to enterprises?

1. User habit development

Compared with APP, mini programs have revolutionaryly shortened users’ cognitive paths and reduced user acquisition costs, thus attracting a large number of users and accumulating a large user base. Moreover, users’ habit of obtaining information and services through mini programs is being developed and strengthened, which lays the most basic premise for business opportunities in the mini program ecosystem.

What business opportunities can mini program development bring to enterprises?
What business opportunities can mini program development bring to enterprises? ?

2. New opportunities for WeChat search

There are four search entrances on WeChat: search box, drop-down search, nearby mini programs, and main interface discovery bar. Different search entrances have different scenarios and different traffic volumes, but there is no doubt that the traffic levels are terrifying, especially It is the main search entrance, which is the entrance above the WeChat chat list. In addition to the search portal, the mini program also has 60+ traffic portals such as scanning, official account association, and friend sharing.

The recent continuous revision and optimization of search portals all point to the content carrying of mini programs as landing pages. Once WeChat completely liberalizes the combination of search and mini programs, the underlying traffic structure of China’s Internet commerce will be rewritten, creating huge business opportunities. Will be refactored. The traffic of mini programs from WeChat searches is constantly amplifying, and the process of amplification is accelerating.

At the same time, the emergence of small programs also breaks the business information island model. The information in the APP is single and fragmented. Mini programs are placed in WeChat, and WeChat also has the technology to uniformly retrieve the information and services of tens of millions of mini programs in the future. New structured information will generate new huge Business opportunity.

3. Mini program live broadcast and video account

In the past month, WeChat has successively released video accounts and mini program live broadcast plug-ins, which has detonated short video and live broadcast practitioners. The combination of these new traffic, new functions and mini programs has completed a perfect business closed loop, which will also greatly broaden the The business ecosystem of mini programs has greatly increased the length of time users stay on mini programs and even the entire WeChat. The length of user stay is the foundation of all Internet businesses and the core point of the game between Internet giants.

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