How can mini program operators grasp the key points of design so that users can quickly obtain page information?

How can mini program operators design their products so that users can quickly understand them?

There are many small program developers, but there are very few merchants and enterprises that can make profits. Why is this?

Personally, I think it’s because the operator’s approach and the content displayed to users can better highlight “important content” at the design level and allow users to quickly obtain page information after clicking on the mini program. Next, let’s talk about how operators can grasp the key points of design so that users can quickly obtain page information.

How can mini program operators grasp the key points of design so that users can quickly obtain page information?
Mini Program Operation

The page needs to highlight the “key” parts

The “key points” part is highlighted mainly because developers need to consider this aspect when designing mini programs. When users enter the mini program, there are no correct guide buttons, no search function, or too many items on the homepage. When there are advertisements and irrelevant content, it is easy for users to form a certain “bounce rate”. When designing key parts, you need to consider the “behavior, habits, and needs” of your own user group when designing.

Operational procedures need to be “hierarchical”

The user login interface and the process of the operation page are very important. If a login page is designed to be very annoying, it will undoubtedly make users too lazy to enter the mini program mall, so the login interface and operation process need to be ” “Hierarchy” is clear, instead of providing multiple “processes” or options, making users confused about the entry process and the buttons of the page obtained by logging in, so that users can easily understand the login process and have clear guidance buttons. The key to guiding users.

Therefore, operators are required to design the process operations with clear priorities, so that users can understand how to log in and operate the main pages when logging into the mini program interface, giving users a very good experience.

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