How to find a reliable mini program development company?

Original title: How to find a reliable mini program development company?

With the rise of new media, development companies have more and more ways to promote their own services. However, due to the popularity of mini programs, they have been targeted by criminals. Some days ago, the Suqian Public Security Bureau and Sucheng Branch cracked down on communications network fraud. The professional team kept an eye on the case, dug deep and expanded its lines, and successfully eliminated an Internet fraud criminal gang, arrested more than 10 criminal suspects, and seized more than 20 computers and more than 30 mobile phones at the scene.

So what are the ways for customers to avoid being cheated and find a reliable mini program development company?

1. Traditional search engine

Such as Baidu, Sogou, etc. Some related service companies can be found through these platforms. For example, customers in Shanghai can search through keywords: “Shanghai WeChat Mini Program Development Company”, “Shanghai Mini Program Production Company”, etc.

2. Short video platform

For example, apps such as Douyin and Kuaishou. At present, many development companies not only promote through search engines, but also promote through short videos. Through short videos, some aspects of the company and team can be more truly displayed. Some companies will provide some training courses and operational guidance to users through short videos. , customers and businesses can interact face to face. From the cold web pages of the past to more intimate interactions.

3. Search directly through WeChat

WeChat has a search function, and you can find some related development companies on WeChat. Many service companies will launch their own WeChat official accounts or WeChat mini programs. Through WeChat, you can also find some related service companies.

4. E-commerce platform

Many service providers will open stores on e-commerce platforms. You can also find some related service companies through e-commerce platforms. The service prices are lower than those found through other platforms.

5. Enter the big platform

There are currently many third-party WeChat public accounts/WeChat mini program management platforms. After customers register, they can self-build through the third-party platform to complete mini program registration, launch, operation and other services.

6. Workplace social apps or corporate networking apps

Many companies or professional elites will register on such platforms in order to expand their contacts. Customers can find relevant service companies on such platforms.

7. Self-media platform

There are many high-quality service companies on these platforms that publish relevant industry content. A company with responsibilities and ideals will publish some industry trends and analysis reports through self-media platforms.

In short, to find a small program development company, you can not only find related service companies through search engines, but also through other methods. But during the search process, you must be vigilant and check whether it is a scammer.

How to find an original and reliable mini program development company?

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