A brief analysis of the four basic principles of Shanghai website construction

A brief analysis of the four basic principles of Chengdu website construction

As an indispensable publicity and display platform for enterprises, the official website of a company is increasingly favored by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises due to its more convenient, fast and low-cost communication advantages compared with other media. However, due to the lack of unified standards in Chengdu’s website construction industry, the design of many websites is very irregular. Here I will share with you the four basic principles of my website construction.

A brief analysis of the four basic principles of Shanghai website construction
Shanghai website construction

Four basic principles of Shanghai website construction

1. Pay attention to user experience: If the user’s experience of browsing the website is to pursue goals, not heights. Some websites are eager to move everything to the homepage. As a result, as soon as the user enters the website, a mess of things enters the user’s sight, resulting in a very bad visual experience.

2. Reasonable planning of columns: Once the theme of the website is determined, the next task is to plan the columns of the website. The columns of the website are like many doors. Opening different doors leads to different rooms. The columns of the website are also similar. Clicking on different columns will lead to different pages. Therefore, in order for the website to achieve good results, the website columns must also be carefully planned and organized. Only when the website column planning is reasonable can you be comfortable in website design in the future.

3. Determine the theme and function: Do you want to “promote” the company’s image? Or to “showcase” the company’s products and services? Or do you want to “sell” a product or service on your website? or other. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of Chengdu website construction and user needs in order to better develop a practical and detailed website planning plan. According to the company’s situation, market environment and customer needs, we should analyze them and remember who am I from the customer’s perspective? What products and services can I offer? What are my strengths? What expression do I want to use?

4. The overall style of the website: The website style refers to the overall effect of the color, font, font size, pictures and other elements of the website. Because the first contact for website users is the homepage style of the website. So the importance of first impression. A website that leaves a good impression on users is half the battle. The style of the website must not only be beautiful, but also conform to the company’s theme. If an antique company makes a colorful website like graphic design, it must be a problem with the company, or a problem with the network company in other services.

Some websites have five or six levels of column design. Visitors need five or six clicks to understand something. Do you think a website like this can make a good impression? Therefore, only by grasping the customer-centered principle, setting less content that affects the visitor experience, and interacting more with customers can we successfully design a good website.

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