WeChat mini program keyword ranking: What are the search ranking rules for mini programs?

WeChat mini program search ranking rules

WeChat mini programs also require keyword search. Since it is a keyword search, there will be a corresponding ranking order. This ranking order has a certain relationship with the name of the mini program. Based on the above factors that affect user rankings, we can conclude These conclusions are drawn from mini program search rankings:

WeChat Mini Program Ranking
WeChat Mini Program Ranking

1. Mini Program launch time

Now is an era of rapid development of information. No matter what you do, you must be one step ahead. Mini programs are no exception. For example, when websites are included on the Internet, old domain names are definitely more popular than new domain names. People like it, and Baidu takes good care of old domain names. Although the proportion is low, no matter how small the mosquito is, it is still meat. Therefore, Ant Xiongbing here advises merchants who want to develop WeChat mini programs not to hesitate, but to be one step ahead and seize the advantage as soon as possible!

2. The more keywords in the description that exactly match the user’s search, the higher the ranking will be

What are the keywords that exactly match the user’s search? For example: enter “catering” in the search bar, and what comes out is restaurants, catering training, xx catering, etc. This is the name For matches, there will be a detailed introduction below the name. The more matches the introduction contains the word “catering”, the higher it will be. Of course, this is not to teach you to deliberately pile up words in this introduction. Deliberate pile-up will be counterproductive and the gain will outweigh the losses. The most important thing is to be smooth and relevant. The most important thing is to introduce the features of this small program and attract users to click.

3. The shorter the mini program name is and the more it matches the search keywords, the higher the ranking will be

This is the most important thing! If the keyword entered by the user when searching is exactly the same as the name of the mini program, and the number of words is the shortest, then it must be ranked first. Therefore, it is particularly important to think of a good mini program name, and the ranking rules also account for a relatively large proportion. The first time to settle in + a short and accurate name + a standard description can make your mini program firmly grasp 50% of the keywords traffic proportion. So don’t hesitate to think of a suitable name. Mini program keywords are being grabbed by various industries at a registration rate of 23,600 per day. If you want to rank higher than others, you must be one step ahead!

4. The number of uses of WeChat mini-programs, the more used, the higher the ranking

The name and introduction are just for the early advantage. The most important thing is to do the mini program itself well. For example, if you read an article and the title is nice, but the content is worthless, then this kind of The article is pure rubbish. So by combining the above and then making the content itself, this is the perfect mini program!

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