Brand official website development company: How to design to improve the user experience of the brand official website

Brand official website development: The brand official website has functions such as “official news, word-of-mouth marketing, product display, and business contacts” and is an important exposure camp for major brands.

A good user experience on a brand’s official website can not only make the website favored by search engines, but also highlight the brand image.

New Mileage Information Technology, a professional brand official website design company, will talk to you about: brand official website development and design, how to design can improve the user experience of the brand official website

Brand Official website design
Brand official website design

The overall layout of the website is simple and elegant, with reasonable color matching

The homepage of a website is the first step in user experience. Good page design can quickly gain users’ favor. Therefore, the layout of the entire website must be organized. Generally, 12px and 14px are used in the website header navigation design and the layout text of several sections on the homepage. The website structure adopts a tree structure, and the code uses div+css.

Website opening speed

The overall opening speed of the website directly affects the user experience. No matter how perfect a website is, if it opens slowly, it will be useless. Generally, a website is required to open within 3 seconds. If you want the website to open quickly, in addition to problems with your own server, when building a website, you must pay attention to whether the website code is streamlined and the website pages reduce flash and pictures.

Don’t make the website too deep

The general level of corporate websites is “Home Page – Category Columns – Articles”. Level 3 is the best. It is more convenient and faster for users to go to whichever page they want. If the level of the website is too deep, users will choose to leave us if they cannot find what they are looking for for a long time. website. This greatly increases the bounce rate of the website and is not conducive to website optimization.

Clear contact information

This mainly facilitates users to communicate with you in time, solve problems in time, and contact you when they need to purchase your products or services, forming a positive interaction.

Simple and easy-to-remember domain name

When choosing a domain name for a website, it must be short and have a certain meaning. Try to use the com ending to make it easier for users to remember.

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