How does blockchain technology protect original copyright?

The problems faced by the protection of original works are not only the confirmation of rights to works, but also monitoring and discovery, evidence collection of infringement, and the production of evidence to safeguard rights. Depositing evidence and confirming rights is only the first step. What is more important is subsequent site monitoring and online evidence collection to help the original author of the first work to prove his rights.

How does blockchain technology protect original copyright?
Blockchain technology

How does blockchain technology carry out original workCopyrightProtected? It is mainly divided into the following four steps:

The first step is to confirm the article rights

Articles can be uploaded to the blockchain to confirm the ownership of the article. The publication time of the article can be clarified. Blockchain technology can be used to prove that the final copyright is in your hands, as it is non-forgeable, non-tamperable, traceable, traceable, open, transparent and verifiable.

Second step, monitoring and discovery

Even if someone modifies and changes part of the article and uploads it as a new article, the revised article will still be uploaded and published later than the first article. When a suspected infringing article is discovered, the article can be monitored across the entire network. Monitoring websites on the Internet are more selective.

The third step, infringement evidence collection

When there are monitoring results, you can check the monitoring content and results in the monitoring list of “Site Monitoring”, check the reprinted titles and platforms, and submit “evidence collection” directly on this page to fix the infringement in a timely manner and provide evidence for rights protection. support. If you choose to conduct your own verification and find the infringing article, you can choose’s web page to collect evidence. You only need to enter the evidence collection address to fix the page of the infringing article as electronic evidence for proof and rights protection.

The fourth step is to provide evidence to defend rights

All electronic data evidence supports multi-method rapid verification of evidence, and certificates and evidence can be directly submitted to judicial agencies for proof, which greatly reduces the difficulty of proof and shortens the time cycle for rights protection.

To a certain extent, blockchain technology can promote judicial litigation, help original authors to provide evidence and protect their rights, reduce the problems of electronic evidence being difficult to obtain, easy to disappear, easy to be tampered with, and highly dependent on technology, and it can be used in areas such as intellectual property protection. technical role.

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