• How can catering applets gradually break through the takeout fortress?

    Original title: Catering app is gradually breaking through the takeout fortress? Develop WeChat mini programs to help enterprise development Since entering 2021, due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the catering industry is now facing the reality that stores will not be able to operate normally in the short term, and dine-in customer flow will also be greatly affected by the epidemic in the long term. When the operation of physical catering stores is hindered, how to find a way out of the current epidemic? During the epidemic, citizens’…

  • Transformation and upgrading of APP development in the catering industry

    In recent years, the development of the offline catering industry has not been optimistic. However, through APP software development, merchants can obtain more customers online, which to a certain extent promotes the transformation and upgrading of the offline industry. In addition, users can also check nearby stores through the APP, which is very convenient for users to order online and then go to the store. What is the value of developing APP applications for companies in the catering industry? First of all, it is conducive to improving the construction of…

  • How can offline physical stores in the catering industry build catering live streaming apps?

    How to make a live streaming app for a physical catering and food store? With the popularity of short videos, the traditional offline catering industry has also ushered in the “wind direction” indicator of new online live broadcast operations. Merchants can fully rely on the development of live catering apps to provide customers with a new operating model of food short videos + food live broadcasts. , thus expanding new customer acquisition channels for offline catering stores and reducing the cost of promotion and marketing. It can also effectively improve…

  • What are the advantages of WeChat mini program development in the traditional catering industry?

    Nowadays, the development momentum of small programs is unprecedented, and it has penetrated into almost every aspect of life, food, clothing, housing and transportation. In the “food” area, many traditional catering businesses have developed their own mini programs. The development of the takeout industry has also accelerated the Internet process of the traditional catering industry. However, the traditional catering industry is increasingly facing the dilemma of rising labor, store rent, and raw material prices. The emergence of mini programs has solved the problem of offline and online connections very well….

  • Develop catering mini-programs to break through the traditional operating model

    Developing catering mini-programs breaks through the traditional operating model In the past two years, it can be said that the development of catering mini-programs has been at a “high” level. Mini-programs can help merchants in the catering industry break down various “barriers” established under the traditional takeout platform operating model. As long as catering Merchants can build their own private traffic and operating models based on WeChat mini programs. So, can takeout and catering mini programs change the traditional operating model? The following can be analyzed in detail from the…